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Why will the water industry resist the pandemic?

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  • Why will the water industry resist the pandemic?
"A hero is an ordinary person who finds the strength to resist and persevere despite overwhelming obstacles"
Christopher Reeve.
It is devastating to see how the number of deaths by # COVID19 increases every day. And it is even worse to know that, in many cases, their family and friends have not been able to give them even one last goodbye. Despite the efforts of the vast majority of citizens, administrations and companies, the virus continues to do damage that is difficult to bear in our society. But we have no choice but to try to bring out the best in ourselves and, each in his field, do everything possible to stop it. This is what water utilities are doing, guaranteeing the quality of services, more essential than ever, and protecting their workers from the risk of contagion.
Health is the only priority now, but concern about the huge economic impact is growing worldwide. In contrast to other sectors, such as tourism or mobility, the water industry has good arguments to overcome this crisis. As Amit Norman, CEO of Miya, explained to us this week, "water service companies are one of the sectors with the greatest resilience to an epidemic and to any economic crisis that may result from it." The rigidity of water consumption can even make many investors come to our industry as a refuge from the coming turmoil. The new scenario that will unfold with the response to the virus will also include a huge increase in public debt. It remains to be seen where this huge amount of resources is going, but digitization and the circular economy should be some of the priorities. Other variables to take into account may be the collapse of oil prices and the fall in CO2 emissions, which may discourage measures against climate change.
Times are coming where efficiency will not be an option, but an obligation. But they will also be times in which collaboration at all levels, also between the public and private sectors, will become one of the best medicines against COVID19. A disease that the water sector will overcome without any doubt.
Strength for all. We will win this battle.

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