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Who is @iservia?

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Ignasi Servià Goixart
@iservia is Ignasi Servià, agronomist who has participated in important Irrigation / Rural Development projects. My experience in GIS has allowed me to help an Agricultural Services company in Precision Agriculture issues during the last 2 years
  • Who is @iservia?

On January 20, 2014, I published my first post in iagua. I opened my blog in iagua without knowing much of the news source and its team. It has been 5 years, and now I know the impact that iagua has on the water sector, and I am convinced that the #SmartWaterMagazine project will be a success.

With the launch of Smart Water Magazine, the new water industry news source, most of the audience will not have heard of us, so I’ve decided to write my first post as an introduction. On December 5, I shared on twitter that my first post would be "Who is @iservia?"

I have decided that this first post would be published both in Smart Water Magazine and in iagua. In the future I will be combining entries in the 2 websites, according to the theme and my time availability.

When I wrote the first entry in my iagua blog, there were bloggers who had been publishing for a while. Now that the #SmartWaterMagazine project has been launched, my wish is to be one of the first bloggers to write in this new media. During Christmas, I shared an ad of the Smart Electric Car where it explains the difference between the seconds and the first ones.

The first ones create, they enjoy the things they create, they like to act and write posts.

Education and Professional Experience

@iservia is Ignasi Servià, agronomist who has participated in important Irrigation / Rural Development projects: Co-author of the Segarra-Garrigues Irrigation Project, Author of the Master Plan for the Modernization of the Canals of Urgell and the Irrigation Plan of Catalonia (2008-2020) and various Land Consolidation projects, etc. I currently do some collaboration in the field of consultancy.

My experience in GIS has allowed me to help an Agricultural Services company in Precision Agriculture issues during the last 2 years. There is a long way to go in terms of digital transformation in agriculture and the water sector.

Receiving several awards iagua has allowed me to have professional activity in communication issues with entities in the water sector and I have made some presentations on the use of social networks.

My iagua blog

During these past 5 years I have uploaded 141 entries to my blog. They are all related to the water sector, but they can be classified into different categories. The posts are in Spanish, and you can find them in my iagua blog.

  • Rural Water
  • Urban Water
  • Water, Digital Transformation and Social Networks.
  • Water and Waterpeople
  • Water and Sport
  • Water and Sustainability

Fig. 1. Mosaic with the avatars of my post iagua 2018

In the following figure are the categories of my posts, with the number of entries, and with an estimate of the number of accumulated iagua points. The two most important categories are Rural Water (Irrigation and Rural Development) and Digital Transformation and Social Networks.

Fig. 2. Entries in my @iagua blog (2014-2018) classified by categories

Social Networks and iagua Awards

I always recommend finding the balance between the time spent producing and the time spent sharing. Producing posts without sharing them has no reach, and sharing the same posts many times is not sustainable over time.

When in 2014 I started publishing in my iagua blog, I had little activity in social networks. So I had 250 followers on twitter, and now I have 4,640. I have also increased my Linkedin contacts (2,120) and now I have 375 followers in my iagua blog.

Communication is global and the best way to check it is to see the distribution of your Followers on As you can see in the figure, I have followers in many countries, and I currently have more than 200 followers in the USA. This is a good reason to publish in Smart Water Magazine.

Fig. 3. Followers map on Twitter

Sharing the entries of my iagua blog and other topics of interest, has allowed me to win the iagua best twitter award in 2015 and 2016, and best influencer award in 2017. In 2018 I was voted five times to repeat as best influencer, and my blog finished in third place.

Fig 4. Best Influencer 2017 Award. Shared with Antonio Garcia Pastrana and presented by Jordi Oliveras

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