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IoT in Water — What you need to know about Intelligent Water Systems

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Sanjeev Verma
Sanjeev is the founder of Biz4Intellia, one of the leading IoT development companies in USA. He is extremely passionate about the Internet of Things and keeps on exploring the possibilities unleashed by IoT on a constant note.


  • IoT in Water — What you need to know about Intelligent Water Systems

The water industry in the current scenario works upon complex treatment processes, storage, and distribution systems to protect human health and the ecosystem. Enabling the Internet of Things with the water sector promotes better operability of treatment, storage, and distribution of water into various fields. Estimations reveal that by the end of the year 2025, 50% of the total population would live in water-stressed areas.

Taking this scenario to a wider perspective, let's talk about how the water industry can take the help of technology to control excess water usage.

Water Industry

As per the World Water Vision report, "There is a water crisis today. But the crisis is not about having too little water to satisfy our needs. It is a crisis of managing water so badly that billions of people — and the environment — suffer badly."

Water is indeed a basic necessity for personal consumption, various industrial needs, etc. but what matters the most is its effective consumption in the right direction.

IoT is a unique technology that possess multiple applications in the water sector

IoT in the Water Sector

With the advent of industrial revolution 4.0, the Internet of Things is the leading technology with a multitude of solutions to our water issues. The automatic meter reading, leak detection, and water quality monitoring are a few IoT applications that are running along with various water businesses with 100% accurate results.

An IoT enabled smart water meter solution possesses the capabilities of keeping a firm track on the water quality, pressure, and temperature within the pipelines. Hence, the concept of the Internet of Water promotes a better water supply chain connectivity including raw water, treatment plants, pipelines, utility firms, consumers, etc. It further empowers the authorities with crucial information about the equipment to be used in this domain.

IoT is a unique technology that possess multiple applications in the water sector like:

  • Transparent processing in the water supply chain
  • Underground pipeline monitoring with real-time notification alerts
  • Automatic meter reading with accuracy
  • Improved use and management of water as a resource
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Necessary measures for sustainable future and reduced wastes
  • Water conservation strategies through data analytics and prediction algorithms

The Internet of Things has given birth to smart workability and functioning of the water industry. Its intelligence is continuously revolutionizing the water sector with abundant applications and improved water management.

Intelligent Water Systems are Re-shaping the Water Industry

Statistics show half the population residing under water-stressed areas thus, IoT is one of the finest measures that can overcome this situation. Here are a few ideas that can be adjoined with your water businesses to successfully establish an intelligent water system.

Smart Irrigation Controller

Smart irrigation is a subset of smart farming that facilitates the farmers to monitor the moisture and humidity data of the soil. A smart irrigation controller leverages this data for its operation. It provides your farms with the benefits of automation that result in reduced unnecessary water wastage.

How fascinating it is that you can now connect your sprinklers and water pipes with an IoT-enabled system and control the flow of water according to the soil data analysis. A smart irrigation controller also tracks the required water content for your plants and provides exactly the same amount for the best nutritional content and highest yield.

Smart Water Meter

IoT Smart water meters can be used for either purpose — commercial or industrial. These meters are capable enough to monitor the quality, pressure, and the consumed quantity in a household or industry. Industrially, this smart meter tracks the water flow across the entire plant and over the distribution channels. This kind of water monitoring in an industry helps in identifying the leakages or connection damage instantly, thus reducing water wastage. A smart water meter is easy-to-install and can be used both indoor and outdoor, which makes it great to use for a household, offices, industries, or public places.

IoT Water Flow Meters

It becomes quite difficult to manage the amount of water flow between multiple distribution lines. With the help of a smart IoT water flow meter, you can detect the condition of each pipeline in real-time. These smart meters allow you to manage the water levels among the distribution lines real-quick and take accurate decisions regarding the water supply.

The major benefit of applying an IoT water flow meter is saving water by knowing how much water is required for a particular distribution line. It further helps you to prevent the non-revenue water loss caused by meter inaccuracy and helps deliver more accurate billing.

IoT Water Valve

Multiple water distribution lines are installed in remote places, and it becomes quite difficult for the water authorities to send manpower on-site instantly to fix the pipeline. An IoT-enabled water valve facilitates remote operations to enable or disable the water supply. For instance, if a water pipeline bursts, tonnes of water worth thousands of dollars would get wasted and most importantly, the complete water distribution network gets affected. To avoid these types of cases, you can install a smart water valve, which helps in water conservation at a great level.

Developing a smart water management system requires our focus and concern towards excess water usage. An intelligent water system not only helps save water but also provides a smarter thought process towards a sustainable future. IoT implies huge and advanced benefits in the water sector, it is the business requirement that needs to match its level.

A configurable, intuitive, and insightful IoT solution helps analyze the data collected from the IoT sensors and provides with an intelligent billing system that works with more accuracy than any traditional water meter. These intelligent water systems provide immense benefits and value to your customers with utmost feasibility. Implementing a smart IoT solution with your water business would further help in taking a step forward towards growth and success.

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