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Nautilus System

Leak detection in big diameter pipelines

Nautilus System

The Nautilus System consists of a small, neutrally buoyant sphere that is inserted into the network where it travels freely, driven by the flow of water in the pipeline. Sounds generated by a leak, gas pocket or anomaly have unique characteristics. The device captures the sound of these from inside the pipeline. Once the device is extracted, software processes the compiled information.

This system, which is applied in pressurized pipelines without the need to interrupting the service, can inspect up to 35 kilometers in a single insertion. The reduced impact on its application makes Nautilus an effective and efficient system for the systematic review of drinking water networks.

It is specifically designed for application in large diameter pipes (greater than 250 mm).

The preparation of the inspections, the execution of the service and the location of the results is managed through the Nemo platform. An easy-to-use interface that allows the customer to closely monitor the inspection and its results.

Nautilus System benefits:

  • Inspects up to 35 kilometers in one insertion.
  • Detects leaks from 0,005 liters per second.
  • Has an error margin lower than 1 meter.
  • Can be used in any type of pipeline materials.
  • Flows freely in the center of the pipeline.
  • Can travel vertically.
  • Can be used in pipelines with a very low water speed.
  • Can be applied to pipes at any depth.


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