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Multi-parameter Smart Water Quality Monitoring

ATi's MetriNet Smart Water Quality Solution

The WRAS approved MetriNet leads the way in continuous, smart water quality monitoring. Its ultra-low powered, smart digital sensor technology offers a sustainable solution, delivering proactive management to safeguard water quality.

With 16 parameters to choose from, MetriNet’s modular nature allows a unique monitoring solution for individual site requirements across utilities, food & drink, industrial, healthcare, leisure and events.

Its smart sensor technology offers a sustainable solution with zero water wastage, helping to meet environmental targets, drive down complaints and create real-time awareness of water quality throughout the network. Deploying a neural network of MetriNet’s digital smart M-Node sensors at critical locations throughout the water distribution system predicts events, loss of disinfection, taste, odour, discoloration, bursts or leaks, providing a network that measures, thinks, predicts and takes actions. Timely warnings and analysis of network anomalies then allows operational staff to react before costly failures develop.

Analytical Technology (ATi)

Analytical Technology (ATi)
ATi are specialists in smart water, network digitalisation solutions for potable, process and wastewater monitoring. Our pioneering range of sensors offer pro-active asset management; enhancing operational efficiencies and improving compliance.

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