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CENTINEL flow meter

Centinel: ultrasonic flow meter with built-in communications

CENTINEL flow meter

Hidroconta's Centinel flow meter is certified for use with drinking water, perfect for domestic water systems.

Its high precision and low starting flow facilitate the detection of water leaks, thus allowing saving on water consumption. The Centinel ultrasonic flow meter is designed to measure clean water up to 50 °C. It uses ultrasonic technology, and as such it does not have any internal moving parts. High precision: the Centinel water meter avoids potential deviations caused by foreign particles in the water.

The meter has a multi-line 9 digit LCD which is accurate at very low flow rates, down to 1 litre/hour.

Display indications:

  • Volume
  • Flow direction
  • Leaks
  • Rf active
  • Empty pipe
  • Burst pipe
  • Warning
  • Battery indicator
  • Flow rate
  • Measuring units

Technical specifications:

  • Temperature class T50.
  • Nominal flow 2,5/4,0 m_3/h.
  • Large measurement range.
  • Q3/Q1 = R 400.
  • No straight sections required.
  • Installation in any position.
  • No air measurement.
  • Environment class E1/M1
  • Protection class IP68.
  • Nominal pressure PN16.
  • Data history records
  • Maintenance free device, battery life >12 years.
  • Two-way flow measurements.
  • Flow direction indicator.
  • Durable composite casing.
  • Measurement units: m - m/h.
  • Filter and check valve (optional).

Communication options:

  • W - MBus: 868 MHz.
  • OMS T1; S1.
  • LoRa WAN.
  • NB-Iot

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