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Deméter System

Integrated remote control and telemetry system for water networks.

Deméter System

The Deméter system is a comprehensive solution for remote control and telemetry of water networks from a single web platform.

Developed in its entirety by Hidroconta with the latest communications technology, it comprises two things: on one hand, the installation of equipment on the ground to communicate with assets, and, on the other hand, the integration with a web platform to manage and monitor data from a water system.

HARDWARE, Deméter terminals

The Deméter devices are used to control and supervise assets remotely, both meters and valves or sensors related to water consumption and distribution. Even though it has been designed largely with the needs of irrigation associations in mind, it can be easily adapted to other uses (management and supervision of pumping and storage, data logging, etc.)

It is a modular device which can be adapted to most systems. It can be adapted to the needs on the ground thanks to different installation options: GPRS, RADIO, MIXED (GPRS, RADIO).

SOFTWARE, Deméter Web platform

The Deméter System includes a Scada-web user interface that allows operating the equipment from any device connected to the internet. The software allows detecting alarms, controlling quotas, generating historical data logs and managing users, among other things.

The Deméter Web platform is a web tool to control remote units such as the Deméter device. The application can be opened from any web browser, such as a browser in a computer, a tablet or any mobile device.

The Deméters system platform allows:

  • User management: The software allows the registration of new users by introducing their data, user name and password, together with their level of access to the system.
  • Searching assets in the network: you can search the system using criteria defined by the user. The tool can be used to classify the elements in the system (meters, sensors, hydrants, etc.) based on several criteria, such as the sector/subsector/meter boxes/hydrants, etc.
  • Visualisation: the Deméter application shows the information of the equipment connected in a table format to facilitate a quick overview of the network status.

Visualisation for asset management

  • Manage water consumption alarms: set up alarms in your equipment when consumption reaches certain levels. Set up power alarms so it is always working properly.

Alarm management

Alarm visualisation

  • Report generation: It allows showing in a chart or a table the historical data for the terminal and the connected elements.

Report generation

  • Manage elements: It allows enabling or disabling the equipment inputs and outputs, so the user can connect new equipment (water meters, hydraulic valves, moisture sensors, etc.) whenever the system undergoes modifications.

In this video you can see how easy it is to manage your water network from the Deméter platform.

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