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FENIX water meter

Drinking water meter with volumetric technology

FENIX water meter

The FENIX meter uses volumetric technology, for use in domestic water conveyance systems.

The FENIX has a casing made of brass for diameters from DN 13 to DN 40 and made of composite for diameters from DN 13 to DN 15. Installation does not need sections of straight pipe upstream or downstream (U0/D0). Precision ratio up to R400.

The FENIX line of products comprises sizes from DN 13 to DN 40.

How does it work?

Cold water meters such as the FENIX have an advanced design. They way they work is they count the number of times a chamber with a known volume is filled and emptied. They have a rotating, oscillating piston in a measuring chamber, which rotates with an eccentric motion as water flows through the chamber.

Technical specifications

  • Temperature class T50.
  • Copper alloy casing for DN13 to DN 40 sizes and plastic casing for DN-13 and DN-15 mm sizes.
  • Direct reading in 8-digit roller counter indicating m3.
  • Completely dry, not submerged dial.
  • The dial can be turned manually, so it can be read in any position
  • MID approval for potable water. Directive 2014/32/EU.
  • Straight sections are not necessary at the meter input or output U0-D0.
  • High precision: R250/315/400 (depending on calibre).
  • Starting flow rate from 1 l/h.
  • Swivelling dial.

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