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HRS DPS Series

Digestate pasteurisation for renewable energy

HRS Sludge Pasteurisation Process

The HRS DPS is a Digestate Pasteurisation System for use in anaerobic digestion.

Designed for the effective and energy efficient pasteurisation of digestate, feedstocks, sludge and similar materials, the DPS is suitable for both pre-and post-digestion pasteurisation, allowing operators to maximise the efficiency of their overall process while meeting regulatory requirements.

Available in 2- or 3-tank versions, the DPS provides up to 60% heat regeneration, making it extremely energy efficient. It is also a simple solution than single-tank pasteurisation systems which may require buffer tanks and additional controls to restrict flow elsewhere in the process. Furthermore, traditional single-tank pasteurisation units simply dump this heat afterwards, meaning they are incredibly wasteful and inefficient. In contrast, HRS heat exchangers recapture the heat and use it again, making them up to 70% more efficient than traditional single tank ‘heat jacket’ type pasteurisation systems.

The DPS Series uses HRS’s corrugated tube and scraped surface heat exchanger technology to work effectively with the specific characteristics of digestate, such as the presence of suspended solids and high viscosity to maintain thermal efficiency and reduce fouling during the process.

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