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HRS DTI Series

Industrial Double Tube Heat Exchangers

HRS DTI Series

The HRS DTI Series is a counter-current stainless steel double tube heat exchanger designed for industrial applications.

The product flows through the inner tube and the service fluid flows through the surrounding shell, while HRS’s corrugated tube technology increases both heat transfer and efficiency, while minimising potential fouling.

The DTI Series is suitable for a wide range of industrial and environmental processes involving fluids containing fibres or particles, and low-high viscosity fluids, but has proven to be particularly popular for heating sewage sludges and digestate.

The design includes an expansion joint (bellows) to allow for differential expansion of the inner and outer tube during operation and a range of flange connections are available. Multiple units can be interconnected and can be mounted in a frame, insulated and/or cladded stainless steel or other materials.

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