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Technological solutions for integrated water cycle management


GoAigua is a digital water platform based on innovative solutions that optimize operational efficiency and deliver economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

Using advanced algorithms, GoAigua integrates data from all existing tools and technologies to provide a holistic, real-time view of the status of utility processes and infrastructure.

This enables optimal decision-making and streamlined management of utility operations – while simplifying and expediting digital transformation, with the aim of:

  • Reducing non-revenue water
  • Extending the lifetime of assets
  • Increasing cost savings
  • Improving operations and planning
  • Ensuring resilience during extreme events

Smart Water Platform

GoAigua’s proven software and analytics platform is designed for the entire water cycle.

  • Water. Smart solutions to optimize end-to-end management of drinking water supply plants and networks.
  • Wastewater. Smart solutions for optimized management of wastewater treatment plants, and sewer and rainwater drainage networks.
  • Irrigation. Platform to optimize water consumption and centralize automation for different irrigation needs.
  • Agriculture. End-to-end management of agricultural irrigation networks on a single platform.
  • Water resources. Integrated river basin management platform.

How it works

GoAigua combines massive amounts of data and decades of best practices in a single platform – then translates that into actionable information for utility operations.

  1. Smart Water Engine
  • Data integration, processing, and standardization
  1. GoAigua solutions
  • Optimization of all the operational phases in the water cycle
  1. Business Intelligence panel
  • Strategic view of utility processes, systems, and key metrics

Modular, scalable and technology-independent solutions

GoAigua's versatility makes it ideal for all types of clients, regardless of the technology they already have in place. Our solution is:

  • Vendor-agnostic. All data sources are processed, regardless of suppliers or technologies. 
  • Modular. GoAigua solutions can be activated or deactivated according to the use cases required.
  • Interconnected. Two-way communication with other platforms and solutions (northbound and southbound interface).
  • Scalable. Easy integration of new elements. Stable performance when newly processed and stored data is added.
  • Safe. Encryption of sensitive data. Robust cybersecurity protocols for critical infrastructures.
  • Data-centric. Single data model relating all utility’s assets with their attributes.

Success story: Global Omnium

The digital transformation process at Global Omnium began over a decade ago. It was then that the GoAigua technology was developed to provide real-time data integration and a holistic view of all processes.

Today, GoAigua is now successfully implemented in Global Omnium and has enabled the utility to save more than 4 hm3 of water each year and reduce maintenance costs by 20%, among other results.

Idrica, as the leading firm in the digital transformation of the water industry and the sister company of Global Omnium, began to market GoAigua internationally and offer customized consultancy services as of 2020.

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