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Technological solutions for integrated water cycle management


GoAigua brings distributed data sources together under one umbrella, integrating data from SCADA, GIS, ERP, AMI/AMR, CMMS and IoT sensors. It leverages AI and ML algorithms to improve operations, asset management, maintenance, enhance the customer experience and build resilience.

The solution’s centralized smart management detects and prioritizes responses to events in real time. It is currently used by more than 400 cities around the world to:

  • Reduce non-revenue water
  • Optimize field work and the lifetime of assets
  • Detect invisible leaks
  • Drive sustainability and process efficiency
  • Enhance capital planning
  • React to extreme events
  • Reduce OPEX

Its cross-functional operating environment facilitates automation, process optimization and decision-making. GoAigua offers a holistic view of the entire water cycle, from catchment to wastewater treatment, with a view to making management more efficient.

Solutions tailored to all types of clients

GoAigua's versatility makes it ideal for all types of clients, regardless of the technology they already have in place. The technological solution is:

  • Vendor agnostic: all data sources are processed regardless of suppliers or technologies.
  • Modular: solutions are enabled or disabled according to the use cases required  
  • Interoperable: two-way communication with other platforms and solutions (North/South Bound Interface)  
  • Scalable: easy integration of new elements. Stable performance when newly processed and stored data is added.
  • Secure: sensitive data is encrypted. Robust cybersecurity protocols for critical infrastructures.
  • Data-centric: uses a single data model that links a company's assets to their attributes.

The entire water cycle on a single platform

GoAigua delivers solutions to centralize water cycle management.

  • Drinking water: optimization of water catchment, treatment, distribution and the business cycle.
  • Wastewater: optimization of wastewater treatment plants, and sewer and storm water networks to prevent events and automate treatment processes.
  • Irrigation: innovation in farming via remote control, automation and the optimization of facilities and distribution systems.

Architecture and distribution models

GoAigua integrates distributed data sources, and processes, standardizes and stores the data, generating a single data model to define advanced algorithms, data analytics and dashboards. GoAigua centralizes management through business applications based on Big Data, algorithms and the integration of standardized data.

The layers in GoAigua's architecture make this possible:

Business applications

  • Holistic view of the entire system from a single management point
  • Cross-functional use cases and analytics
  • Based on micro-services
  • Northbound interface via APIs

Smart Water Engine

  • Single data model
  • Advanced AI and ML algorithms

Data collection and integration

  • Works with any vendor technology and communication protocols
  • Easy integration with third-party data and platforms

Success story: Global Omnium

The digital transformation process at Global Omnium began over a decade ago. It was then that the GoAigua technology was developed to provide real-time data integration and a holistic view of all processes.

Today, GoAigua is now successfully implemented in Global Omnium and has enabled the utility to save more than 4 hm3 of water each year and reduce maintenance costs by 20%, among other results.

Idrica, as the leading firm in the digital transformation of the water industry and the sister company of Global Omnium, began to market GoAigua internationally and offer customized consultancy services as of 2020.

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