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GoAigua: Agriculture

The key building blocks involved in agricultural irrigation management.

GoAigua: Agriculture

GoAigua brings together process and infrastructure information in a unique three-layer model: our Smart Water Engine, which collects, processes and standardizes data to provide specific agricultural irrigation solutions, and a central BI dashboard for visualizing indicators.

GoAigua Agriculture brings together the key building blocks involved in agricultural irrigation management under one umbrella: control over infrastructure, billing and collection, and field work monitoring.

The use of Big Data techniques and advanced data analytics help to define a smart system that supports decision-making and optimizes the operational management of infrastructures, providing:

  • Water and energy efficiency improvements
  • Reductions in operating and investment costs
  • Customization to water needs
  • Improvements in grower satisfaction

GoAigua Agro Twin

All-in-one management solution that displays key irrigation indicators. Thanks to data integration and the use of advanced algorithms, growers can control and monitor their assets in real time and make better decisions. 

Early detection of leaks, fraud and excess consumption beyond water allocations, together with comprehensive work order management, boosts operational results. The solution standardizes billing management, according to preset parameters. In addition, interactions with irrigation associations can be registered through our Online Office and a mobile application.

Centralized agricultural irrigation management

  • Control center programming of irrigation, pumping and fertilizer systems
  • Analysis of soil water status and optimization of crop water consumption
  • Management of the meter network, devices and communications, as well as assets’ energy consumption
  • Customized alarm set-up that can be configured by the user.
  • Comprehensive work order management of preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance
  • Autonomous, user-friendly design of synoptic charts for real-time data visualization, including the creation of dashboards and management indicators
  • Advanced water efficiency management, both in the distribution network and at the supply points

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