Connecting Waterpeople

GoAigua: Irrigation

Optimization of water consumption and centralized irrigation.

GoAigua: Irrigation

GoAigua brings together process and infrastructure information in a unique three-layer model: our Smart Water Engine, which collects, processes and standardizes data to provide specific urban irrigation solutions, and a central BI dashboard for visualizing indicators.

GoAigua Irrigation is a platform for the optimization of water consumption and centralized irrigation automation in different types of activities.

In addition, it helps to define and automate the best irrigation schedule for parks and gardens. Thanks to the use of advanced water efficiency algorithms, the right amount of water and the best watering frequency can be calculated, taking into account the needs and terrain of the garden or park, delivering:

  • Optimization of water consumption
  • Centralized irrigation management
  • Increased water efficiency of networks
  • Increased asset lifespan

GoAigua Smart Green

The GoAigua Smart Green solution supports centralized irrigation monitoring, automation and control in city parks and gardens.

Centralized urban irrigation management

  • Programming of irrigation, pumping and fertilizer systems from a single control center
  • Irrigation automation and optimization according to the climate, weather forecast, soil moisture, crop and soil type, and topography
  • Real-time monitoring and control of all assets and operational processes
  • Analysis of water quality and soil water status. Log generator
  • User set-up of alarms for agricultural, meteorological and asset events.
  • Data exploitation through graphical interfaces

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