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GoAigua: Water resources

Supports resource management in river basins

GoAigua: Water resources

GoAigua brings together process and infrastructure information in a unique three-layer model: our Smart Water Engine, which collects, processes and standardizes data to provide specific water resource solutions, and a central BI dashboard for visualizing indicators.

GoAigua Water Resources supports resource management in river basins and real-time monitoring of extreme events.

Water and weather information is obtained by integrating data from sensors and results from simulation models to centralize knowledge in a single platform, delivering:

  • Support for data-driven decision-making
  • Increased predictive capacity
  • Improved risk diagnosis
  • Reduction of material and personal damage

EWS (Early Warning System)

Our Early Warning System (EWS) incorporates and processes water and weather data measured or simulated in real time to improve extreme event management in river basins. The solution integrates water and weather sensors and the results from the basin’s hydrological and meteorological models, including the simulation of reservoir inflows, to trigger warnings and alarms in real time.

  • Automatic generation of weather observation maps
  • Deterministic and probabilistic weather prediction models
  • Integration of sensor data in GIS format
  • Basin rainfall and river analysis
  • Hydrological and hydraulic simulation and snowmelt models
  • Simulation of inflows, outflows and reservoir filling
  • Generation and monitoring of alerts and instant warnings
  • Visualization of flood areas and affected elements
  • Water and weather data bank for information processing
  • Multiplatform solution with user role management

Success story: Navarre, Spain

The Navarre Regional Government has improved the management of extreme events in its river basins thanks to the GoAigua EWS early warning system. The solution, which uses real-time meteorological models, generates alerts and issues warnings, thus reducing flood response times.

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