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Idrica’s expert services for the water industry

Management, operations, maintenance, engineering and consultancy

Idrica’s expert services for the water industry

Idrica is a leading international water technology company specializing in smart solutions for the industry. Building on more than a decade of experience within the water sector, its unique value proposition is based on the efficiency and quality of its services and the GoAigua platform to drive digital transformation in utilities.

The company’s services aim to tackle challenges in the industry, such as infrastructure and resource optimization, service quality improvement, and implementing a customer-centric approach in organizations.

Idrica supports clients in the areas of management, operations, maintenance, engineering and consultancy in delivering fully-fledged digital transformation solutions. Its team of experts analyzes utilities’ needs, finds the right fit for each one and accompanies them throughout their digital transformation process.  

Operations & Maintenance

Idrica offers specialized services for operating water supply infrastructure, distribution networks and managing the billing cycle.

  • Operation of all types of hydraulic infrastructure, such as treatment plants and service networks in urban, industrial and irrigation environments, and services for aquariums and parks.
  • Use of advanced technology for remote meter-reading systems, expert maintenance based on Big Data, water balances, hydraulic and energy efficiency, smart leak detection, integration of real-time models and integrated digital transformation.


The company’s technical assistance services include studies and projects for the entire water cycle, and solutions for optimizing CAPEX and OPEX at facilities.

  • Drawing up of studies and a broad range of preliminary, construction, improvement and detailed projects in all areas of the water cycle.
  • Proposal of solutions for optimizing total costs (CAPEX and OPEX) throughout a facility’s lifespan.
  • Application of advanced tools such as hydraulic modeling and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).


Idrica’s specialized advisory services on the water cycle respond to business challenges and specific technological needs.

  • Through innovative solutions, we can improve the market position of our clients and enhance efficiency by optimizing the use of resources.
  • We support our clients throughout the process using a multidisciplinary approach, based on innovation and our team’s experience.

Technical assistance and management

Improvement of the entire billing process to increase customer satisfaction and establish new communication channels.

  • Improvement and consolidation of the entire billing cycle, from maintaining the customer database to debt management.
  • Integration of smart meter readings with visual and walk-by methods.
  • Improvement of collection, complaint and efficiency ratios based on our approach to the reading-billing-collection cycle, likening it to an industrial process.
  • Establishment of communication channels with customers and improving their satisfaction.

Idrica’s services have enabled its clients to improve the customer experience, decreasing billing complaints by 60%, to save between 15% and 20% in energy consumption, reduce OPEX by 20% and achieve water efficiency of over 90%.

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