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Services: consultancy

Technological advice, consultancy and water industry studies

Services: consultancy

Idrica provides specialist consultancy and advisory services to respond to the technological challenges of the water industry. These range from organizational and digital transformation aspects, instrumentation, IoT and communications consultancy, to network modeling, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and software deployment.

Our services are supported by the expertise of our specialist staff, our firm’s experience in digital transformation and the deployment of innovative solutions to sustainably optimize the use of resources.

Technological advice, consultancy and water industry studies:

  • Digital maturity assessment
  • Advice on organizational and digital transformation processes
  • Advice on the selection and implementation of new technologies
  • Advice on the purchase and implementation of instrumentation, communications, IoT and monitoring systems
  • Assessment and improvement of water and energy efficiency
  • Network status analysis and assessment of NRW and apparent losses
  • Network and process modeling and CFD models
  • Designs and studies for the implementation of remote meter reading systems
  • Advice on system selection and implementation. Integration with Idrica solutions
  • Specialist studies, plans, audits and training

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