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Submersible Pumps Solutions Indar SP H/HE

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Submersible Pumps Solutions Indar SP HHE

The SP HE and SP H series are submersible pumps and motors designed for pumping clean water or water containing solids in a wide range of applications.

The H/HE pumps are of the single-cell type, with axial or propeller type impeller with variable pitch blades and submersible motor, specially designed for heavy duty urban and industrial stormwater, wastewater and raw water applications.

Both the pump and the motor are designed and manufactured entirely by INDAR. Constructively, the pumps have impellers with a large passage of solids to avoid the danger of clogging with materials transported by the water, while the motors have, in their compact design, efficient cooling systems that allow the electric pump set to work continuously at its rated power.

The electropump sets for installation with type H bell (installed suspended from the discharge pipe) are equipped with a cooling bell that allows the pumping water to circulate between the bell and the motor casing. The cables placed outside the pump unit are protected, thus preventing them from coming into contact with the pumping water.




Ingeteam offers the best engineering and manufacturing technology in pumping solutions for the complete water cycle. Reliability and efficiency in the management of water resource throughout the life cycle of its products.

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