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High concentrations of phosphorus in waterbodies lead to quality, health, and odour issues.

PET’s flagship product, Phoslock®, was originally developed by the Australian national science agency (CSIRO). Phoslock® is a proprietary and unique water treatment product that permanently binds excess phosphorus in the water column and enables it to settle in an environmentally benign state.

Phoslock is a lanthanum-modified bentonite. Its active ingredient, lanthanum, has a strong affinity to bind phosphate which is the soluble form of phosphorus. The binding of lanthanum and phosphate forms an insoluble mineral, Rhabdophane, which does not release phosphate back into the water column once bound. Phoslock granules are applied by mixing with in-situ lake water to create a slurry, which is then sprayed over the water surface.

One solution to help break the cycling of phosphorus within lakes is to use Phoslock®:

  • Locks up phosphorus safely and permanently
  • Environmentally friendly – non-toxic to humans, animals, fish, and aquatic plants
  • Internationally certified for use in drinking water reservoirs
  • By removing excess phosphate, the water quality and amenity are significantly improved.

Phoslock® has been applied to more than 300 water bodies worldwide, reducing in-lake phosphorus concentrations in more than 20 countries. Thoroughly independently scientifically researched over the past 25 years, all toxicological evaluations have found that Phoslock is safe for both humans and aquatic biota.

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