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  • Smart Water Magazine Webinars

The current situation triggered by the impact of COVID-19 has heightened the importance of the digital sphere, especially in the field of communications and marketing.

In line with its objective of being the digital platform of choice for water professionals and making all the tools available to improve communication and interaction, Smart Water Magazine presents SWM Webinars.

In contrast to other low-cost solutions, Smart Water Magazine Webinars offer professional production, an attractive design, and the highest level of promotion, distribution and dissemination through our website, newsletter and different social media profiles.

Smart Water Magazine Webinars

Technical Information

  • Professional production. Unlike the amateur design and functions common in webinars, our production will deliver an event with the dynamics of a TV programme.
  • Multiple broadcasting: The production will be broadcast on Smart Water Magazine's home page, as well as through our social media channels. In addition, it can be included in the client’s channels.
  • Corporate graphic elements. During the broadcast we will incorporate corporate graphic elements live: logos, transitions, introductions, labels with the name and job title of speakers.
  • Inclusion of graphic and audiovisual resources on the client’s demand during the webinar broadcast.
  • PPT presentations and video-photography resources: presentations and other resources will be shown simultaneously with the speaker’s presentation.
  • Support services and preliminary testing of video, sound and connections with speakers.
  • Unlimited number of speakers and attendees.
  • Management of the question period.
  • SWM team members will act as presenters/moderators.

Promotion, coverage and dissemination

  • Creation of a Premium Event in Smart Water Magazine, including sections on Programme, News and interviews, Presentations.
  • Promotional video: the client will receive a video that will be shared via the various social media channels, promoting the event, the topic, speakers, date and time, etc.
  • Preliminary promotional interview with a representative from the entity that hires the Webinar service.
  • Prior mailing to our database of more than 2,000 subscribers by email, announcing the Webinar.
  • Interstitial ad during the 2 days prior to holding the event.
  • Coverage in SWM’s social media with a specific hashtag defined jointly with the client.
  • All presentations will be recorded for later dissemination through the entity’s Smart Water Magazine microsite.



Price per webinar with all services included.

Further information and advertising

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