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ACCIONA is building Bella Vista wastewater plant to clean Paraguay's Asuncion bay

  • ACCIONA is building Bella Vista wastewater plant to clean Paraguay's Asuncion bay
  • The project includes engineering, design and construction of the plant (capacity: 2 cubic metres per second), and subsequent operation and maintenance for one year.

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The water business of ACCIONA concentrates on water treatment and reverse osmosis desalination, a technology in which it is the world leader.
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ACCIONA has begun construction of the Bella Vista wastewater plant, one of three to be built as part of the programme to clean up Asunción bay, in Paraguay.

The project, worth US$ 19M, includes commissioning the plant with an initial throughput of 2 cubic metres per second, although it will be dimensioned for double that capacity, i.e. to reach 4.4 cubic meters per second.

The Bella Vista plant is part of a comprehensive programme to decontaminate the bay of Asunción, Paraguay's capital city, and improve the health and environmental conditions of the population of Greater Asunción in the catchment areas of the rivers that flow into the bay. The programme is financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

This plant will contribute to progress with the sanitation programme, whose first phase was awarded to ACCIONA. The company was chosen to upgrade and expand 52 kilometres of sewers in Varadero and Bella Vista districts and build their respective pre-treatment plants.The first phase will be completed with the construction of the Florencia Villamayor sewer.


In 2018, ACCIONA implemented the new remote monitoring and control system for the water supply network in Asunción (Paraguay), a project that optimised the supply of drinking water to more than 1.5 million people. The project included automation and remote control of the Viñas Cué drinking water treatment plant, 16 wells and 15 distribution centres distributed throughout Greater Asunción. In addition, two redundant data centres were built to monitor the network, one at the ESSAP headquarters and the other at the Viñas Cué plant.

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