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New R&D technologies in the field of desalination

  • New R&D technologies in the field of desalination

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The water business of ACCIONA concentrates on water treatment and reverse osmosis desalination, a technology in which it is the world leader.
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As part of its commitment to innovation, ACCIONA develops R&D projects for the different phases of the desalination process, implementing new technologies based on ICTs, Big Data, Machine Learning and sensoring in this type of treatment plant.

Among the projects currently under way in ACCIONA, we would highlight:

Initiatives for the technical, economic and environmental characterization of a wide range of technologies in the pre-treatment phase, such as:

  • DESALNUTEC, a project focused on improving the DAF technology of ACCIONA (ULTRADAF) and its combination with granular filtration (ACTIDAFF), which can provide major benefits in, for example, cases of algal blooms, offering a robust pre-treatment system with low energy consumption.
  • PRETRATAMAX, a project that aims to optimize the filtration process through membranes in terms of energy consumption and reagents. It tries out new membrane products and validates dynamic control algorithms that enable the smart operation of a plant.

As for the desalination process itself, two projects stand out:

  • DESALENERGY, which studies new layouts based on reverse osmosis technology with lower energy consumption, as well as the generation of power from brines.
  • LIFE DREAMER, which sets out to develop and demonstrate a high-efficiency desalination concept that is efficient in the use of resources. Based on seawater, not only desalination water is obtained but also other useful products.

ACCIONA is also carrying out cross-cutting projects related to real-time control and the development of advanced sensoring tools for application in treatment plants:

  • DESALMOD enables a proactive approach when changes in water quality occur and rapid adaptation to new conditions, minimizing the impact on the operation of facilities.

Finally, ACCIONA has an R&D line dedicated to the treatment of complex water through innovative physical-chemical, electrochemical and biological processes:

  • INTEGROIL H2020, in which different technologies are organized and optimized through a new Decision Support System (DSS) that can recover water for use at a minimal cost for the oil and gas sector.
  • EFLUCOMP deals with wastewater treatment in the mining and metals sector.
  • COMPLEXWAT: a treatment system for effluents generated in desalination plants during cleaning operations.

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