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Visit ACCIONA's water treatment plants without moving from where you are, with virtual reality

  • Visit ACCIONA's water treatment plants without moving from where you are, with virtual reality
  • Visit ACCIONA's water treatment plants without moving from where you are, with virtual reality
  • ACCIONA has created two virtual reality experiences so that users can get to know, first hand, the operation of its desalination plant at Torrevieja (Spain) and the wastewater treatment plant at Atotonilco (Mexico). 

  • These “tours” allow the user to travel through the plants interactively, guided by the Operations Manager of the Atotonilco facility and the O&M and Desalination director of ACCIONA respectively. 

About the entity

The water business of ACCIONA concentrates on water treatment and reverse osmosis desalination, a technology in which it is the world leader.

Now, thanks to virtual reality technology, you can visit some of them completely free of charge, interactively and without needing to travel physically, just with one click.

The virtual visits can be accessed from all kinds of device – computer, mobile phone or tablet –, they last about fifteen minutes and are available in Spanish and English. 

Virtual visit to the SWDP at Torreviaja (Alicante)

The Seawater Desalination Plant at Torrevieja, on Spain’s south-east coast, is the biggest of its type in Europe. Built and operated by ACCIONA, it has a production capacity of 80 hm3/year. This can supply 1.6 million people and cover the irrigation of 8,000 hectares of cropland.

It is equipped with reverse osmosis technology, the most advanced and efficient solution to deal with the scarcity of drinking water in certain areas of the planet. It generates 4.5 times less greenhouse gas emissions than other technologies, does not create an environmental impact on the marine ecosystem and allows the recovery of a large part of the energy used in the process.

Take a trip through the Torrevieja WDSP with Fernando Cortabitarte, O&M and Desalination Director in ACCIONA.


Virtual visit to the Atotonilco WWTP

The Atotonilco WWTP, located in the State of Hidalgo, Mexico, is the biggest wastewater treatment plant in the world built in a single phase.

Built and operated by ACCIONA, the plant treats 60% of the wastewater in the metropolitan area of Mexico City, equivalent to 12.6 million inhabitants.

During the tour, guided by the plant’s Operations Manager Antonio Atienzar, we will get to know the process followed by the water and how this kind of facility works. This type of plant is essential when it comes to ensuring a good quality of life for people and conserving the environment.


(Both visits are in English by default. It you want to do them in Spanish, change the language on the home page)

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