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Smart cities and industries: IoT solutions by Diehl Metering

  • Smart cities and industries: IoT solutions by Diehl Metering

About the entity

Diehl Metering
Company specialized in smart metering systems engineering and engineering services. Provides the complete process chain from measurement to invoicing, including services and solutions enabling to tackle Non-Revenue Water or drive asset management.
Schneider Electric


Develop an industrial model adapted to the future, work for tomorrow's sustainable cities and digitalise network management processes: these are the new challenges Diehl Metering has embarked on.

Access the Internet of Things with Diehl Metering

Diehl Metering is a smart solutions provider that works alongside water and energy utilities to manage natural resources while they provide services to municipal and industrial users. Thanks to its IZAR radio technology, developed more than 20 years ago, connecting metering equipment and equipment to manage consumption is not something new for the Diehl Metering group. Currently, the Internet of Things (IoT) — a smart equipment network— becomes fully relevant with the digitalisation of infrastructure. With more than 35 million active connection points (hubs) in the world, and thanks to constant innovation, Diehl Metering currently has capacity to offer complete IoT solutions for smart metering, 'IoT4metering'.

Smart metering for smart cities and industries 

In addition to smart systems to help with parking, for waste collection or street lighting, Smart Metering (smart measurement of water and energy consumption data) play a crucial role in the concept of Smart City, as well as in the digitalisation of industrial processes (Smart Industry). The system solutions by Diehl Metering use the independent communications protocol known as Open Metering System (OMS), that guarantees interoperability. This way, digitalising resource management processes can be used for any type of application. In addition to meters, the management of sensors to, for instance, measure air quality, can also be integrated into the network. A complete IoT infrastructure with the integration of ­­­­analytics computer programs, in particular with IZAR@NET 2 and IZAR PLUS PORTAL, allows optimum network performance. Smart data surveillance can be used to, for example, detect leakages in buildings and in distribution networks in real time.

Diehl Metering tries the Vodafone IoT network

Every day, 45 million meters measure the volume of water circulating through the pipes in Germany's households. Recording consumption data is sometimes difficult, for example, in apartment buildings, basements or wells. In winter, well covers often can only be opened after defrosting work. For this reason, Vodafone and Diehl Metering have opted for a digital solution based on the 'Narrowband-IoT' network of the telecommunications company to facilitate meter reading. Conclusive tests allowed automated transmission of meter data from those locations where mobile radio transmission is still difficult.

Narrowband-IoT is particularly used for connecting devices. 'It is perfect to read automatically water meters located deep in basements or even underground', explains  Dr Eric Kuisch, director of Vodafone's technology.

Vodafone's Narrowband-IoT for device connectivity (a variant of the mobile phone network) is optimised to allow thousands of millions of devices, such as meters, to be connected simultaneously, opening new possibilities for urban and industrial management models.


The Open Metering System (OMS) is the only communications protocol in Europe that guarantees perfect interoperability between metering equipment for electricity, gas, thermal energy and water, including submetering. Diehl Metering is a member of the OMS Group (


IZAR RDC PREMIUM is the most complete radio data concentrator of the Diehl Metering product portfolio.

It enables wide area fixed networks for mass data transmission and network monitoring.

With two high-performance receivers, state of the art technology and an industrial design made for harsh outdoor conditions, it contributes significantly to reducing the number of concentrator locations and therefore operating costs.

Conformity to OMS specifications allows interoperability.

Main characteristics

  • Storage of data from up to 10,000 meters.
  • Flexible data export to FTP-server and secure FTP-server (SFTP) at intervals you can set.
  • Advanced reception filter (water, energy, etc.)
  • Data compression and encryption.
  • Remote and local software configuration and update.
  • Automatic time synchronisation via Network Time Protocol (NTP).
  • Lockable housing, suitable for outdoor installation.

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