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"The PermaNET+SU system has clear advantages, as a result of a development process over 20 years"

  • "The PermaNET+ system has clear advantages, as result of development process over 20 years"

About the entity

Grupo Mejoras
Group of companies specialized in the supply of technology for the improvement of hydraulic efficiency, water quality control and sewerage maintenance, with more than 25 years of experience in the water sector.


The mission of the Mejoras Group is to provide technological solutions to control water supply networks and equipment, with more than 25 years of experience providing solutions with the best, most advanced technology.

One of such solutions is the PermaNET+SU system, combining the Permalog acoustic leak sensor with a versatile IoT data transmission technology. This allows creating easily, in a stepwise fashion, a fixed network that enables more efficient NRW management.

Fernando Cabadas Perucha, Technical Director of Networks at the Mejoras Group, describes the most important aspects of this product.

Question: What is PermaNET+SU and what are its applications in the water sector?

Answer: PermaNET+Su is the most advanced system to detect and locate water leaks in distribution networks.

Q: Please tell us about its main features.

A: It is a compact system that comprises a sensor, low power microelectronics, a 3G communications modem, NB-IoT… and logic to do a statistical analysis of noise in the pipe and recognise when there is a leak; it communicates with nearby sensors and uses a correlation process to determine the location of the leak.

Q: Why would one choose this solution over a similar one in the market?

A: The PermaNET+SU system has clear advantages, as a result of a development process over 20 years, such as the sensitivity of the sensor, the different analysis and synchronisation logics, as well as the correlation system to confirm leaks.

These characteristics make PermaNET the system of choice of the main European water companies, being highly successful.

Q: What are the current challenges of integrated water cycle management?

A: The main challenges are as follows:

  • Ensure the correct maintenance and upgrading of infrastructure, as there has been an important deficit in both over the past few years and ageing infrastructure is a prevalent issue.
  • Adapt to climate change and periods of drought, which have become more intense, leading to critical situations for the water supply.

We believe that in the coming years — and as we speak — the use of sensors will increase in drinking water and sanitation networks

Q: How can PermaNET+SU help address those challenges?

A: PermaNET+ SU is a technology tool of great help to decrease NRW (Non Revenue Water), to detect and locate leaks and therefore save water and make a better use of the resource.

On the other hand, it is also of great help to plan the upgrading of infrastructure based on the failures detected.

Q: Out of the new technologies that are driving the evolution of the water sector, which ones does PermaNET+SU use and how so?

A: PermaNET+SU uses new communications technologies, low power electronics and artificial intelligence to, through the noise, recognise, identify and locate leaks in the distribution network, and even rank them based on their importance.

Q: What are the business and development expectations for this type of solution in the water sector?

A: At the Mejoras Group we believe that in the coming years — and as we speak — the use of sensors will increase in drinking water and sanitation networks in Spain, as it is already happening in other neighbouring European countries, and it will be an essential tool for effective management.

We are sure that citizens value those water companies that invest in leakage reduction.

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