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NORMA Group ensures production of critical infrastructure products for water in California

  • NORMA Group ensures production of critical infrastructure products for water in California

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We provide intelligent, customized engineered solutions for every joining need in the world. From intricate to complex, from cooling systems to water management to air intake, induction, and more.

The water management production of NORMA Group, an international market leader in advanced joining technology, is at the present not affected by the extensive shutdown of companies in California as a result of the corona pandemicNDS, a US subsidiary of NORMA Group, has been classified as part of the critical infrastructure in the area of “water and sanitation” in accordance with the criteria of the federal authority Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. Production therefore continues accordingly at the Fresno and Lindsay plants. The company is taking all measures necessary to protect the health of its employees and to ensure their safety.

“The ability of the water infrastructure to function properly must be ensured, particularly in times of crisis,” said Dr. Friedrich Klein, Chief Operating Officer and member of the Management Board of NORMA Group. “The classification of our water management production as part of the critical infrastructure highlights how important our water management solutions are for the protection of human health and the environment. By carrying on with production, we are helping our direct customers meet the market demands to protect property and waterways from stormwater runoff as well as to continue to irrigate landscapes.”

NDS manufactures and markets a wide range of high-quality and innovative water management solutions for the collection and drainage of rainwater, irrigation solutions and joining products. The product portfolio includes irrigation systems such as the Dura Flo HD drip irrigation system and drainage systems such as the Quik-Turn Radius Coupling, which won the Red Dot Award in 2019. In total, the NDS portfolio comprises over 5,000 products that the company sells through wholesalers and retailers and its own online shop. NDS is currently experiencing increased sales from online sales through direct customers as a result of the temporary closure of many retail stores and wholesale branches due to the shutdown.