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Adrián Pedrozo Acuña, new head of the Mexican Institute of Water Technology

  • Adrián Pedrozo Acuña, new head of the Mexican Institute of Water Technology
    Adrián Pedrozo Acuña
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· 36

Coming from the environmental sector headed by Ms Josefa González Blanco Ortiz Mena, Dr Adrián Pedrozo Acuña has assumed the General Management of the Mexican Institute of Water Technology (IMTA).

During his presentation at the facilities of the Institute, Dr Pedrozo highlighted that this new responsibility, as appointed by the Chief Executive, will allow supporting environmental policy and contributing to economic and social development in a sustainable manner, as well as promoting the Fourth Transformation in water management, leading an institution with more than thirty years of experience in the sector. 

With a solid trajectory and national and international recognition, Dr Pedrozo has directed and implemented several lines of research, such as research on the risks of extreme hydrometeorological events and on sustainable development, among others. Previously he worked as Coordinator of Hydraulics at the Institute of Engineering of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

The Director General of IMTA was introduced by Mr Carlos Manuel Jiménez Alonso, head of the Administration and Finance Unit of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), joined by Mr Alfredo Valdés Vázquez, head of the ministry’s Legal Affairs Coordination Unit, and by Mr José de Jesús Aguirre Bautista, IMTA’s Administration Coordinator.