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Egypt approves new Water Resources and Irrigation Law

  • Egypt approves new Water Resources and Irrigation Law
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The House of Representatives of Egypt has approved a new Water Resources and Irrigation Law, informs Energy & Utilities.

The objective of the new piece of legislation is to improve water sector management. In addition, it will support the country’s water resources strategy, approved recently, which will entail an investment of $50 billion in Egypt’s water sector up until 2050.

According to the Daily News Egypt, Mohamed Abdel Atty, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, said the new law will facilitate water users’ interaction with the ministry’s agencies, and protect the course of the River Nile and its bridges.

The new legislation also addresses the protection of water resources, waterways, facilities and equipment, and irrigation and drainage property.

Furthermore, the law intends to encourage the participation of the private sector in the country’s water sector. Private entities are expected to assume responsibilities in the management, operation, and maintenance of irrigation and drainage systems, as well as facilities.

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