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K-water looking to become world’s top water management firm

  • K-water looking to become world’s top water management firm
    A view of City Hall in Dunsan-dong, Daejeon, South Korea. Credit: Wikipedia


The South Korean governmental agency for comprehensive water resource development K-water (Korea Water Resources Corporation) announced last week its new plan to become the “world’s top water platform company,” reports The Korea Times.

The digital transformation and the new revolutionary technologies in water quality management the firm will implement, dubbed ‘World Top K-water,’ was unveiled in an event at the company’s nerve centre in Daejeon, attended by politicians, government officials, scholars and citizens.

Park Jae-hyeon, CEO of K-water, named Chief Executive Officer of the state-run company at the end of February, said K-water’s vision was aimed at innovation in water quality management. In the future, K-water intends to become a global market leader in the sector.

Since the appointment of the new CEO, the firm has carried out consultations with various internal and external experts and has drafted its new ‘World Top K-water’ vision to tackle the worsening climate crisis and promote digital transformation in the post-COVID-19 period.

K-water CEO Park Jae-hyeon said: "We need to seek coexistence with nature in the water quality management in the face of the new normal era, placing more importance on environmental and ecological value.”

The ambitious project includes implementing a smart water management system by, for example, establishing a real-time water quality monitoring system, reported The Korea Times.

"K-water will actively participate in the government's Green New Deal eco-friendly projects in a bid to contribute to vitalizing the national economy. We will also take the lead in setting up global water management standards in a bid to make a new leap forward as the world's top water platform company that contributes to resolving water shortage problems," Park added.

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