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Parliament of Ghana gives green light to a €97 million credit facility for the Keta water supply

  • Parliament of Ghana gives green light to €97 million credit facility for the Keta water supply
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After a credit facility agreement was reached between the Government of Ghana and the Deutsche Bank, with the support of the Italian Export Credit Agency, to finance the upgrade and expansion of the Keta water supply system, the Parliament has given its approval, informs Ghana Business News.

The loan facility will consist of a Buyer Credit facility and a Commercial facility. The €84.42 million Buyer Credit Facility will have a 13-year tenure and a repayment period of 10 years, with a 3 year grace period. The Commercial facility, worth €12.76 million, will have a 5-year tenure, with a 4-year repayment period and a 1-year grace period.

The current Keta water supply system of Agordome-Sogakope is outdated and unable to meet the water demand of some 190,000 people in its catchment area. An assessment commissioned by the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources recommended a major upgrade of the system and its expansion to meet the increasing demand in Keta, Sogakope, and surrounding communities in the southern Volta region, until 2030 and beyond. With the current project, the system will provide water to over 400,000 people.

The project includes an intake facility with a capacity of 9.3 million gallons per day, a 7.7 million gallon water treatment plant, and a 62 kilometre pipeline. Other components include a booster station and storage tanks. In addition, the upgrade of the existing water network will comprise some 80 kilometres of pies, 8,000 domestic water meters, and improvements to the current water treatment plant.

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