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SewerBall: an innovative service that detects sewer network anomalies

SewerBall: an innovative service that detects sewer network anomalies

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As an expert in water and waste for 150 years that is present on the 5 continents, SUEZ harnesses all its capacity for innovation to work for the efficient and sustainable management of resources.
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SewerBall is a dynamic sewer network inspection tool developed by SUEZ that identifies and localizes non-sewage water.

The SewerBall is a small ball (10 cm in diameter) that is left to float in wastewater to detect potential networks abnormalities. The SewerBall is capable of analyzing four physico-chemical parameters: pH, temperature, conductivity and redox potential. The solution’s geolocation functions deliver fast and secure diagnostics from the surface.

This innovative solution identifies and localizes infiltration and inflow across networks. Inflow & infiltration is all water that enters sewer networks, causing subsequent problems in networks and wastewater treatment plants.

Stormwater is the most common type of such water. It increases effluent volume in a separate system (which usually only transports domestic wastewater) until it arrives at the treatment plant, where there is a high risk of overflow into the natural environment. Non-domestic polluted water may also be detected in the same way as industrial wastewater and brackish water.

A groundbreaking solution that ensures a fast, secure and cost-effective pre-diagnosis

After selecting the network to be analyzed and approving the draft (there must be at least 7 cm of water for the ball to float), the ball is simply thrown in and then it drifts with the current. SUEZ can interpret the data the SewerBall has collected using our exclusively patented intelligent algorithm.

Our solution is agile and can be used by on the ground operations staff. It allows the Group to build upon the knowledge gleaned from inaccessible collectors. It ensures fast, secure and cost-effective pre-diagnosis.

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