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Suez wins $78 million contract in Connecticut, U.S.

  • Suez wins $78 million contract in Connecticut, U.S.
    Image: SUEZ North America twitter
  • Norwalk, Connecticut awards SUEZ contract for the operation and maintenance of its wastewater system for the next 10 years.

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As an expert in water and waste for 150 years that is present on the 5 continents, SUEZ harnesses all its capacity for innovation to work for the efficient and sustainable management of resources.


Norwalk, Connecticut has awarded SUEZ a $78 million contract for the operation and maintenance of its wastewater system. The partnership; which includes the management of an 18 MGD conventional wastewater treatment facility, 210 miles of sanitary sewers, and 25 pump stations, will be part of the City’s on-going effort to enhance service and protect the environment.  The contract will span 10 years and service over 89,000 people.

When it comes to the environment and sustainability, Norwalk has become a leader in Connecticut. In January 2019, it passed a plastic bag ordinance, which banned single-use plastic bags in the City. Just recently, Norwalk passed a ban on Styrofoam and plastic stirrers. Plastic straws are also restricted and available only on-demand. The City is also looking to replace fleet vehicles with hybrid models, and have auto-water and light shut-offs to conserve water/electricity in municipal buildings.

“Protecting the environment is a top priority for the City of Norwalk because it directly affects our entire community,” said Norwalk Mayor Harry W. Rilling. “Ensuring residents have access to basic resources, that their health is being protected, and that they enjoy a good quality of life is critical to the growth of our City.”

Seeking an industry expert in water and wastewater management to further their sustainability efforts, Norwalk released an RFP on November 6, 2018. SUEZ responded to the RFP with the goal of bringing advanced technology and leading industry tools to the City of Norwalk.

“Norwalk is a big win for SUEZ and will continue to set the standard for excellence in operations and customer service in the New England region moving forward,” said Nadine Leslie, CEO of SUEZ North America. “This new partnership aligns with our company’s vision to expand and bring innovation to different communities all while enhancing the customer experience.”

One of the new solutions offered in the contract includes optimizing technology and automation systems, such as the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System and the Geographic Information System (GIS). Other smart sewer maintenance and management implementations include; acoustics, H2S gas monitors, sonar and level management tools. The City will also have access to a network of SUEZ experts and resources across North America. These additions will continue to modernize the system and allow the operation to run at a higher level of efficiency.

“The new partnership with SUEZ will allow us to expand the scope of services of our wastewater system without affecting residents and their day-to-day lives,” said Ralph Kolb, Senior Environmental Engineer with the Norwalk Water Pollution Control Authority. “Not only will it bring technology that will transform our infrastructure, but it will also set the foundation for growth and collaboration to secure a more sustainable future.”

The contract is set to begin in May of 2020 and is expected to bring operational excellence and enhanced compliance to Norwalk’s wastewater system. SUEZ is known for investing in each community it serves, and looks forward to collaborating with the City and local stakeholders for years to come.

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