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What is Canada's longest river?

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What is Canada's longest river?

The Mackenzie, which is 1,738 kilometres long, is the longest river in Canada.

If the entire river system is considered, the Mackenzie-Great Slave Lake-Slave-Peace-Williston Lake-Finley system, the total length amounts to 4,241 kilometres. That would make it the second longest river in North America and the twelfth longest river in the world. Its basin is the second largest in North America, with a surface are of 1,805,200 square kilometres.

It was named after British explorer Alexander Mackenzie, who navigated the river trying to reach the Pacific Ocean in 1789.

The Mackenzie River issues from the Great Slave Lake and flows through the Canadian north-west, through the regions of Inuvik and Fort Smith, in the Northwest Territories. It forms a large delta at its mouth, flowing into the Beaufort Sea, in the Arctic Ocean.