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Where is the source of the Amazon river?

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Where is the source of the Amazon river?

The source of the Amazon is 5,170 metres above sea level.

1 . The source of the Amazon

The source of the Amazon river is in the Apacheta valley, at the slopes of Mount Quehuisha in the department of Arequipa (Peru), where the Apacheta creek flows. The river mouth is in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Apacheta creek is a spring that originates from the thawing of permafrost. As it flows downstream, the Apacheta creek experiences a series of temperature changes, receiving the waters of the Cacansa stream, and afterwards, the Sillanque.

2 . Water quality in the Apacheta creek

The water is of good quality, and locals use the water for domestic use, pasture irrigation and energy generation. However, the glacier has retreated, so the snow if located at higher elevation; on average the snow retreats 4 metres every year.

3 . Searching for the source of the Amazon

Until the source of the Amazon was found, several locations had been proposed, including Mount Mismi and Quehuisha, in the province of Cailloma, Mount Minasplata and Mount Cutiti.

In 1996, the Amazon Source expedition set off with the purpose of exploring the mountains in Cailloma and establish the location of the source of the Amazon. At last, their scientific report identified the Apacheta valley as the source of the Amazon.

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