The SWM Ranking is a tool that measures and orders according to transparent criteria the influence of organizations of the water sector.

The factors considered for the calculation are the page views on the web, the number of SWM Likes and the contents in Smart Water Magazine Bimonthly.

The ranking order is established by a unit of measurement created for this purpose: SWM Points. This metric is calculated through a mathematical algorithm that takes into account the content published during the 365 days prior to the calculation date and will be updated every two months, coinciding with the publication of each issue of SWM Bimonthly. The data of the visits to the web are extracted from Google Analytics, while the amount of SWM Likes are directly counted and can be seen in the different contents of the web.

How are SWM points earned?

Each content published on the website by an entity or blogger gets 1 point for every 10 page views; also, for each SWM Like it gets 2 points, which become 5 if the user who grants it is a verified user. On the other hand, if the content appears in SWM Bimonthly, it gets 250 points (not applicable to blog posts). This amount is fixed and corresponds to an estimation of the average audience generated by the monthly magazines. Since it is a fixed amount of points, and in order to adjust its weight in the total amount of points earned by an entity, the maximum number of content pieces in SWM Bimonthly that will be considered for the calculation is 16. It should also be mentioned that any specific content piece can obtain a maximum of 1,000 points. This is done to prevent the distortion of the entire classification in case a specific content goes viral.

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Classification categories

SWM publishes content of all kinds: by companies, public administrations, international organizations, associations, foundations, etc. In addition, SWM bloggers publish their articles in a personal capacity on a wide variety of topics. For all these reasons, the Ranking has several classifications depending on the category of the entity. The most important ones are:

  • Companies
  • Public Administrations
  • Blogs

Besides, a general classification can be consulted in which all the participating entities are compared regardless of their type.

SWM Likes and Verified Users

Registered users of SWM can click on the blue heart of any content on the web that they like. The number of SWM Likes appears beside the blue heart. The number of likes of a content is used for the calculation, having a different value if the user is verified (5 points) or not (2 points). Verified users are easy to distinguish as a white "check" icon appears on their profile next to their name on a blue circle.

SWM Alliances

Blogs in SWM are a tool for users to express their opinion as individuals, or to contribute their knowledge on any of the issues related to the water world. Often, these users are part of, or collaborate somehow with water sector companies that participate in the Ranking. To assess this we have created SWM Alliances, which consist of a collaboration agreement between a blogger and an entity to link the blog to the entity, in such a way that the contents published in the blog also contribute points to the entity they are linked to. In this case, the points obtained by each blog entry are tallied the same way and 50% of them are added up to the entity they are linked to (in addition to 100% of them being added to the blog category). These alliances must be established between the 1st of January and the 31st of August, and must last at least one year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are verified users and how do you become one?

Verified users are those considered regular SWM users who participate in the Waterpeople community. When a user becomes verified, he/she remains like that for as long as the user’s account exists. Verified user’s Likes give more points for the Ranking, and they also have other benefits such as participating in polls, etc.

Users become verified when at least one of the following applies:

  • They become administrator of an entity.
  • Their blog is ranked among the first 50 blogs in the SWM Ranking.
  • The email address used to register belongs to one of the domains authorised by Premium entities.

How are content points calculated?

The points are obtained through a simple calculation that adds up the points corresponding to different variables. The best way to illustrate it is with a couple of examples:

Content A: 2,530 page views, 40 Likes from non-verified users, 65 Likes from verified users, with presence in SWM Bimonthly

  • Page views: 2,530 x 0.1 points = 253 points
  • SWM Likes, non-verified: 40 x 2 points = 80 points
  • SWM Likes, verified: 65 x 5 points = 325 points
  • Presence in SWM Bimonthly: 250 points
  • Total: 908 points

Content B: 18,520 page views, 325 Likes from non-verified users, 240 Likes from verified users, but no presence in SWM Bimonthly

  • Page views: 18,520 x 0.1 points = 1.852 points
  • SWM Likes, non-verified: 325 x 2 points = 650 points
  • SWM Likes, verified: 240 x 5 points = 1,200 points
  • Presence in SWM Bimonthly: 0 points
  • Total: 1,000 points (It adds up to 3,702 but since the maximum number of points a specific content can accumulate is 1,000, that will be the final amount)

How are the points of a blog linked to an entity added up?

When a blog is linked to an entity through a SWM Alliance, 50% of the points obtained by the entries of that blog are added up to the points obtained by the entity. For example, if the company “The Shire Water” is linked to the blog of “Gandalf the White”, an entry in that blog with a total of 470 points would add those points to the Blogs Ranking for “Gandalf the White”, but will also add 235 points for “The Shire Water” in the Companies Ranking.

What content is considered for the calculation?

The ranking is calculated once every two months and it includes the contents published in the previous 365 days.

How is the limit of 16 content pieces in SWM Bimonthly applied?

When an entity has more than 16 content pieces in SWM Bimonthly, only the first 16 content pieces, in chronological order by publication date, will obtain 250 points each. Any further content pieces will earn points for page views and SWM Likes, but will not obtain the 250 points for presence in SWM Bimonthly even if they are eligible for them.

Which blogs and entities participate in the Ranking?

Any entities with news published in SWM can participate in the entities ranking, whereas any users who create a blog in the platform in a personal capacity and publish their entries participate in the blog ranking. Creating a blog in SWM is free of charge and authors are free to publish their entries as long as they follow the themes and publication rules established by SWM.