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Smart Water Magazine

Smart Water Magazine is launched with an extensive know-how and ten years' experience of having communicated about the water sector in Spanish through iAgua.

  • WE PROVIDE INFORMATION: we prepare interviews, articles and news complemented by a platform of blogs by water sector professionals who give their personal perspective on relevant water issues.
  • WE CONNECT: we help you identify 'who is who' in the water sector, sharing projects and views to provide you with an alternate perspective.
  • WE DISSEMINATE: through our web platform, newsletters and social media profiles. A news network which increases our outreach to readers and professionals.

Our mission is to raise awareness about water management and use, and generate discussion that allows improving people's lives

Alejandro Maceira
Alejandro Maceira
"If you want to go fast, walk alone; if you want to get far, walk along with others"

An enthusiast of sports and communications, he left his consulting job on Water Economics and Water Resource Planning and funded the company, driven by his desire to give visibility to water issues at the social, media and political levels.

Professional, demanding and a data enthusiast, he has a sixth sense to detect the issues of interest for his audience and transmit them to his team.

David Escobar
Partner and Business Development Manager
David Escobar
"I am convinced that we can change the world through individual actions"

Leading the commercial and administrative areas, he joined the company to enable a change in communications in the water sector and contribute to raising awareness about this crucial sector for the economic development of countries.

A born visionary, he is responsible for seeking resources that enable the project to grow and finding solutions to any problems that may arise, with the help of his team.

Águeda García de Durango
Chief Editor
Águeda García de Durango
"The achievements, progress and milestones that are made known have double their value"

Passionate about cinema and history, she joined the company believing in the role of water as an essential element for all production sectors and for life in general.

Águeda loves challenges: she is in charge of creating and coordinating the contents for the web and social networks, manage the publishing of the printed magazine, and is the presenter of the company events.

Santiago Ervina
Web Development
Santiago Ervina
"I like to be part of a small project that has grown to become a leading media resource for the sector"

When he was younger he dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player. Now, he works every day to get rid of bottled water and to enable access to quality drinking water for all.

Passionate of new technologies, he is in charge of the design and development of the new technological platforms of the company, so that users have the best navigation experience.

Laura F. Zarza
Content manager of iAgua
Laura F. Zarza
"I firmly believe that most of what happens in our planet is our responsibility and that, as a society, we must do something about it"

This writer by vocation, found in iAgua a way to combine her two main passions: communications and the environment. She works every day to raise awareness about the importance of water for people's lives and to fight misinformation on environmental issues.

Versatile and a hard worker, she is responsible for creating and managing the web's contents and is also in charge of the social media networks strategy.

Pablo González-Cebrián
Art & Photography Director
Pablo González-Cebrián
"Often, a good image is more objective and honest than 1.000 words"

Since young, he was sure that he wanted to tell stories through the lens of a camera. Today, he uses those images to finish with the indifference and invisibility concerning certain social and environmental issues.

He is responsible for portraying information through images to make it more accessible, understandable, pleasant and attractive. Graphic design and photography are his tools to make messages reach the intended viewer.

Paula Sánchez
Editor of iAgua
Paula Sánchez
"If life gives you lemons, make a lemon cake"

Restless and curious, this vocational journalist came across the environmental world by surprise and plunged into the water sector. Now she is in charge of publishing content at Smart Water Magazine and iAgua.

In her free time she enjoys doing what she loves most in the world: writing and baking cakes.

Olivia Tempest
Content manager
Olivia Tempest
"I've always hoped that my work would be useful to society. I am convinced that each individual has the capacity and the duty to contribute to regenerate our planet"

Born and raised in Brussels in an English and Spanish speaking family, Olivia has always lived in a multicultural environment. Following several marketing and communication working experiences, she arrived at Smart Water Magazine and iAgua, which she describes as her most exciting challenge of her career.

This insatiable traveller is responsible of creating and uploading content and news to the web and social media.

Cristina Novo
Technical Editor
Cristina Novo
"We know enough about our environment to take action: every step counts"

As a young girl, she wanted to learn about our natural environment and how we, as humans, interact with it; now she wants to contribute through her work and personal life to preserving that environment for everyone, everywhere.

She loves learning about different cultures, languages and the written word. At Smart Water Magazine she is responsible for editing and translations.

Javier de los Reyes
Account Executive
Javier de los Reyes
"The water cycle goes unnoticed, but sometimes it overwhelmingly impacts us and awakens us. Water knowledge and management are vital"

Amateur photographer of nature and underwater, he portrays and divulges the richness and impacts of our natural heritage.

He brings together commercial and financial experience with knowledge of the environmental and water sector; he is in charge of the portfolio of clients that use the services of the leading communication platform for professionals in the water sector.