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Privacy policy, Terms and Conditions

1 - General information

The Owner of (hereinafter, the Website) is iAgua Conocimiento, SL (hereinafter, the Owner), with Spanish tax ID number (CIF) B86645348 and business address at Calle López de Hoyos, 190 Entlo. B, 28002 Madrid (Spain). Contact email address:

2 - General terms and condition for the use of the Website

Acceptance of this Legal Notice is a prerequisite to use the Website. Registered users or visitors to the Website (hereinafter, the User) must acknowledge they have the capacity to contract, and must have read, understood and accepted these General Conditions of Use of the Website.

The purpose of the Website is to provide information and contents, including, but not limited to, those texts, graphs, drawings, designs, codes, software, photographs, music, videos, sounds, databases, images, expressions and information available to the User in the Website; in addition, the Owner may enable third parties to publish or provide their services through the Website. In these cases, the Owner will not be responsible for establishing the general and specific conditions to take into account for the use, provision or contracting of these services by third parties, and, therefore, will not be considered responsible for them.

Participation in this Website is free of charge for users, both visitors and registered users. Nevertheless, some of the services and contents offered by the Owner or third parties through the Website may be subject to prior hiring of a service or product and payment of a certain amount of money as established by the applicable Specific Conditions, which will be made clearly available.

The Owner reserves the right to modify the present conditions, after informing registered users; these registered users will be able to accept the amendments the next time they access the Website. In order to register on the Website, the User must be 18 years or older, or be between 16 and 18 years old and have the explicit permission of his/her parents or legal guardians or be considered an emancipated minor.

The Owner will not be responsible for improper use by users, nor any errors in the content provided by users, or errors when they try to access the Website or its information, but it will apply due diligence to prevent such problems from happening. The Owner reserves the right to remove any contents and contributions in violation of the law or public order, or those which, in the Owner's view, are not appropriate for publishing.

Non-authorised use of the information in the Website, and any infringement against intellectual or industrial property rights of its contents, will result in applicable legal consequences. In addition, the Owner reserves the right to exclude, on its own initiative or at the request of a third party, from access to the website any users that prevent or make difficult, with their words or actions, the proper delivery of the services of the platform.

The Website makes available to the User different spaces and participation tools to foster discussion and the exchange of ideas and opinions among users. Its objective is to remain open and accessible to any registered user. Using these tools and spaces the User can have his/her own space, known as a Profile, identified with his/her first and last name, either real or fictitious, associated with his/her user account.

In the user account, if the User chooses to do so, he/she can include an image of his choice which will be his visual representation in the different sections of the Website. The images of those users that the User follows and also those that follow the User will be visible in the Profile, so that he/she can be informed and recognise them readily.

The Profile will show the activity of the User and the contents contributed to the Website and will be public for the remaining users, who can follow the User to keep up with those contents. In addition, the User can follow the activity of other Website collaborators or writers, or follow the news generated by other entities and institutions or related to them.

The Website can send notifications on the activity of the User and of other users that he/she follows by email to the email address provided upon registration. The User can turn on or off receiving such notifications.

The Profile will be public, but certain activities, private in nature, will be hidden, and will only be visible to the User (such as when following starts, moderated content, individual statistical notifications and any other private notifications).

The Owner shall not be responsible for: any damages, harm, losses, claims, or expenses arising from interferences, interruptions, errors, omissions, telephone line malfunctions, delays or electronic system failures, caused by deficiencies, overload and errors in the telecommunications lines and networks, and/or any other cause beyond the Owner's control; unlawful interferences through the use of any type of malicious software and through any communications media, such as computer viruses or any others; misuse or improper use of the Website; security or navigation errors caused by faulty functioning of the browser or the use of an outdated version of the browser.

3 - Privacy and data protection policy

1. Identification of the entity responsible for data processing

Identity: iAgua Conocimiento, SL (hereinafter, the Owner)

Spanish tax ID number (CIF): B86645348

Postal Address: Calle López de Hoyos, 190 Entlo. B, 28002 Madrid (Spain).

Telephone: +34 916 353 704

Email address:

Data Protection Officer Contact Information:

2. Information and consent.

In accordance with the provisions of Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter, the LOPD), and its Regulation, approved by Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December (hereinafter, the RLOPD), as well as the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter, the GDPR) we inform the User that the personal data collected during his/her use of the Website and stemming from his registration as User will be included in a file that is registered in the General Registry of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, under the responsibility of the Owner, in order to manage the use of the Website and provide or facilitate the services and information that the said users may request.

Upon acceptance of this Privacy Policy, the User is informed and provides his/her free, informed consent, specific and explicit, for the personal data he/she facilitates through the Website to be processed by the Owner.

3. Purposes of the data processing and storage periods.

The Owner will process the information facilitated by the User through the Website according to the following purposes:

  • In the case of the data required to create the user's account, either by registering through the web or by using his/her Facebook account, the purpose of data processing is to manage the User's registration and allowing him/her access to the services offered in the Website. The User's data will be retained with that purpose during the entire time that the User wishes to access such services.
  • In the case of data required for the subscription to the different newsletters offered by the Owner, the purpose of data processing is to send by email information related to the theme of each of the newsletters that the User has requested to be subscribed to. The User data will be retained with that purpose until he/she opts-out or withdraws his/her consent.
  • In the case of those newsletters that include receiving marketing communications, the purpose of data processing will be to send marketing communications from third parties that may be of interest to the User. The User data will be retained with that purpose until he/she opts-out or withdraws his/her consent.
  • Managing, processing and responding to any information requests related to products and/or services provided by third parties, when they facilitate their data through the contact forms provided for such purpose in the Website. The User data will be retained with that purpose until he/she opts-out or withdraws his/her consent.

4. Legitimate data processing.

The legal basis for data processing is based on the consent provided by the interested subject through his/her acceptance of the present policy by checking the appropriate box in the following situations:

  • At the moment of creating a User account upon Website registration.
  • When subscribing to any of the newsletters offered by the Owner through the forms provided for such purpose in the Website.
  • When requesting information about products and/or services offered by third parties, by sending the different contact forms provided for such purpose.

In the case of registering on the Website through his/her Facebook account, the legal basis is based on the consent that the User makes in the Facebook application at the time of account creation.

The consents obtained for the different purposes mentioned above are independent from each other, so the User can withdraw his/her consent for a single purpose without affecting the rest of them.

5. Data recipients.

As a general rule, the User data will not be shared with any third parties except in the following circumstances:

  • When he/she requests information about products and/or services offered by third parties, filling in his/her data through the contact forms provided for such purpose in the Website, in which case they can be communicated to the entity responsible for offering the mentioned product or service.
  • When the User subscribes to any of the newsletters offered by the Owner, his data will be transferred to the Rocket Science Group, LLC (hereinafter, MailChimp), the service provider, whose servers are located in the United States. Mailchimp guarantees an appropriate level of protection, since it adheres to the Privacy Shield. You can find additional information at

6. User rights.

The User can send a request by email to, or by postal mail to Calle López de Hoyos, 190 Entlo. B, 28002 Madrid (Spain) at any time and free of charge to exercise the following rights:

  • Withdraw his/her previously given consent.
  • Obtain information on whether the Owner is processing personal data that concern the User or not.
  • Access his/her personal data.
  • Correct any inaccurate or incomplete data.
  • Request removal of his/her data when, among other reasons, they are no longer needed for the purpose intended when collected.
  • Obtain from the Owner the restriction of processing as per the conditions envisaged in data protection regulations.
  • Request data portability.
  • Lodge a complaint with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD), through its website or in writing to the Sub-directorate General for Data Inspection of the AEPD, when he/she considers that the Owner has infringed his/her rights under the applicable data protection regulations.

1. Use of cookies in the websites and applications of the Owner

In compliance with Spanish Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, we inform you about the use of cookies in the websites and applications of the Owner, in order to facilitate and improve user navigation, remembering where he/she has navigated in the website, his/her user name upon registration, his/her preferences and settings to visualise the contents, and offering users information which may be of their interest.

2. ¿What are cookies?

A cookie is a file downloaded to your computer or the device you use (Smartphone, tablet, connected television, etc.) to access certain websites or applications. Cookies allow, among other things, compiling statistical information, facilitating certain technical functions, storing and retrieving information on navigation habits or preferences of the user or his/her equipment, and, depending on the information they have and the way you use your equipment, they can be used to recognise the user.

A cookie is stored in a computer in order to identify the person navigating while he/she interacts with our websites or applications. A website may set a cookie in the browser if the preferences of the browser allow it. A browser only allows a website access to the cookies that the browser sets, not the cookies that other websites set. The websites and applications of the Owner use third party cookies, which allow collecting anonymous statistical data about visits received in order to monitor advertising campaigns that may be ongoing at the time of the visit.

3. ¿Why are cookies so important?

The Owner uses these cookies for (a) operational reasons: traffic balance and limitation as a way to ensure the service; (b) ease of use: to make website and application use easier and user friendly; for example, to remember attributes of the user such as his/her language, country, browser, etc. Certain cookies are essential to be able to use the services of the Owner's websites.

The Owner does not register the activities of the user in the internet, nor does it create user profiles.

4. Types of cookies used by the Website

The cookies used by the Website can belong to any of the following different types:

  • Technical cookies: to help improve the quality of our service, including storing the preferences of the user, improving the selection of advertisements presented, the search results, as well as tracking user trends. Cookies are also used in advertising supports to help advertisers manage their ads through the website.
  • Ad management cookies: they are third party cookies used to provide ads in our websites and applications. They allow collecting anonymous statistical data on the visits received to monitor advertising campaigns. They can also collect information including the user's IP address and internet provider, usually for geotargeting, or to measure exposure to certain advertisements, depending on your browser's settings and the behaviour upon exposure to advertising campaigns in the internet: the number of impressions of a certain advertising support, the number of clicks, visitors to the page, etc.
  • Statistical cookies: they collect information on the date of visit, the URL and the title of the web page visited. The reports generated with this information will be merely statistical reports providing information about the browsing behaviour anonymously.
  • Session cookies: they save information on the type of user in the IAGUA community, saving the user nick name to avoid having to introduce it every time; they also save encrypted information and information about the user's favourite settings.
  • Analytical cookies; they are used to monitor the search engine from which the website is visited and the search terms used to find it; they calculate the time spent in the website in each session and the number of times a user has visited the page.

The list of cookies used can be modified based on the addition or exclusion of services in the websites and applications.

5. Types of cookies by expiration

The cookies used by the Website can have the following types of expiration:

  • Session cookies: They expire once the user ends the session (when he/she closes the browser).
  • Service cookies are related to some personalised service within the Website, expiring in less than twenty-four hours (24 h).
  • Persistent cookies: they are permanently installed in your browser and are activated every time you visit the Website, as long as their use is not disabled.

6. Cookie settings

To learn how to adjust the cookie management settings in your browser, you can check the following links of the main browsers and devices:

7. Acceptance of cookies

If you continue to navigate after being informed about the Cookie Policy, we understand that you accept the use of cookies by the website and applications. However, if you wish to, you may change the cookie settings at any time, by adjusting your browser to accept, or not, the cookies received, or for your browser to let you know if a server wants to save a cookie. If you block or do not accept the installation of cookies, certain services may not be available without cookies, or you may not be able to access certain services, nor take full advantage of everything that our websites and applications offer you.

In addition to the use of the Website's own cookies, we allow third parties to set cookies and access them in your computer. Your consent to the use of cookies from these companies is inherent to navigating this website.

The Owner is grateful for your consent to the use of cookies; it allows us to obtain more precise data to improve the content and design of our websites and applications, in order to adapt them to your preferences.

If the Owner provides any sort of special service with specific provisions, different from these ones, in terms of personal data protection and use of cookies, the specific terms indicated for that service will prevail over these ones.

When you access this website or application for the first time, you will see a window with information on the use of cookies, where you can check this Cookie Policy. If you consent to the use of cookies, continue to navigate or click on a link, it is understood that you have given consent to our cookie policy, and therefore the installation of cookies in your equipment or device.

5 - Intellectual and industrial property

All content, domain names, brands, distinctive signs and logos that appear in the Website, except for elements published under the authorisation of their respective owners, are owned by the Owner. The content of the Website, included in this Legal Notice, may not be reproduced in whole or in part, distributed, transformed, exploited or commercialised by the user or by third parties, without the express prior authorisation of the Owner. The said authorisation can be requested at the following email address:

The contents, brands or logos unconnected to the Owner that may appear in the Website belong to their respective owners, and have been placed or published in the Website with their prior authorisation; any query concerning their ownership or any controversy that may arise should be addressed to their owners.

The user is responsible for the elements (contents, comments and specifications related to specific jobs) that he/she contributes, shares or expresses in the Website, and should be available to demonstrate that any elements subject to intellectual and/or industrial property do not violate any laws, rights or interests of third parties, and that he/she has the relevant licences for their use and publishing.

The user transfers to the Owner, for the period of time until he/she cancels his/her user account, when applicable, the rights strictly necessary for the correct operation of the platform, specifically: the right to keep the contents in our servers and show them to other users, according to the privacy level chosen by the user, as well as the right to modify or transform them as necessary for correct service development.

6 - Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

The Website shall be governed by the laws of Spain. Any controversy or claim arising from the relationship between the user and the Owner will be brought to the Courts of Madrid (Spain), expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply.