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Questions and Answers

What is precipitation?
Climate change
Atmospheric precipitation. Formation and types.
What is lake?
Definition and types of lakes.
What is flood?
Definition, types, causes and consequences of floods.
What is the formula of water?
Water security
Description and characteristics of the water molecule.
What is the EU Water Framework Directive?
Water Framework Directive. Objectives and Common Implementation Strategy.
What is an artesian well?
Definition, operation and water quality of artesian wells.
Which is the largest dam in the world?
Answers to the question of which is the largest dam in the world according to different criteria.
What is the meaning of water cycle?
Urban water cycle
The water cycle involves processes that move water from one compartment of the hydrosphere to another.
What are non-conventional water resources?
Water Treatment
Non-conventional water resources: wastewater reuse and desalination. Advantages and disadvantages.
What are conventional water resources?
Water security
Conventional water resources are also known as natural water resources.
What is hydrogeology and what does hydrogeologist do?
Meaning, studies and importance of hydrogeology. What does a hydrogeologist do?
What is water stress?
Urban water cycle
Definition and impacts of water stress. Levels of water stress.
What is WWTP?
Waste water treatment
We tell you what a WWTP is and how it works.
What is virtual water?
Water security
Created by British researcher John Anthony Allan, this is a very useful concept for accounting for our use and abuse of water.
What is valley?
Definition and classification of valleys.
What does water meter look like?
Definition and description of the different types of water meters.
What is stream?
Urban water cycle
Definition, meaning and characteristics of a stream.
What is surface water?
Urban water cycle
Definition and types of surface water.
What is drip irrigation system?
Drip irrigation allows efficient delivery of water and nutrients.
What are the different types of water?
Urban water cycle
Definition of the main types of water according to their chemical, physical or biological characteristics.
What are marshes?
Definition, characteristics and types of marshes. Common problems.
What is river mouth?
Urban water cycle
Concept and types of river mouths.
What do you mean by water pollution?
Causes and origin of water pollution and main water pollutants.
What is hard and soft water?
Water Treatment
Differences between hard and soft water.
What is grey water?
Urban water cycle
They owe their name to their cloudy appearance and their status as being between fresh and drinking water and sewage.
What is meander?
Definition, formation and types of meander.
What is ultrafiltration?
Water Treatment
Ultrafiltration (UF) is a technology applied in water treatment that consists of...
What does delta mean?
Definition, morphology and types of deltas.
What is stormwater?
Urban water cycle
Stormwater plays an important role in urban areas. Stormwater is the water that is used to...
What does tributary mean?
A tributary of a river is a term that is recognised within the structure of a river basin. There are different types of tributaries...
What is an aquifer?
Aquifers play a key role in the hydrological cycle.
What is an irrigation ditch?
The irrigation ditch consists of...
What is the second longest river in the world?
The second longest river in the world is also the longest river in Africa.
What is the longest river in South America?
The longest river in South America is also the longest river in the world.
River basin
Description, classification and importance of river basins.
What are the parts of river?
In geography, three parts of a river are recognised according to its longitudinal profile, which are characterised by...
What is the longest river in China?
Biodiversity , China
Description of the longest river in China. River basin and tributaries.
Which is the longest river in India?
Biodiversity , India
Description of the longest river in India. Source, mouth and basin.
What is the longest river in Spain?
Biodiversity , Spain
Description of the longest river in Spain. Tributaries and basin.
Where is the Nile River?
Middle East & Africa
We give you the answer regarding where is the nile river located on a map.
What is the longest river in Australia?
Biodiversity , Australia
Description and characteristics of Australia's longest river. River basin.
What is the longest river in France?
Biodiversity , France
Description, characteristics, river basin and tributaries of the longest river in France.
What is cenote?
Description, origin, recharge and importance of the cenotes.
What is wastewater?
Urban water cycle, Waste water treatment
Wastewater may be contaminated by urban waste or may come from a variety of industrial processes.
What is river?
A river can be more or less abundant depending on the parts of the river and can be fed in various ways...
What is the longest river in Scotland?
Biodiversity , United Kingdom
Key facts about Scotland's longest river.
What is the longest river in the UK?
Biodiversity , United Kingdom
The longest river in the United Kingdom. Tributaries and basin.
What is groundwater?
Groundwater is a crucial resource for human survival and for the environment. Groundwater means...