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What is a drip irrigation system?

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What is drip irrigation system?

Drip irrigation is a very efficient method to apply water as well as nutrients to cultivated land.

1 . Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation is a type of localized irrigation that works by applying water that drips slowly to the roots of plants.

2 . Elements of a drip irrigation system

A drip irrigation systems involves six main elements:

  • Water delivery or distribution system: it contains the main line going into the field, pipelines, drip lines, and couplings that connect the drip lines to the pipelines.
  • Filters: they prevent debris from entering the system so that the drip system delivers clean water. Sand separators, screen filters, and disk filters are used.
  • Pressure regulators: they reduce the pressure in the main line to the pressure of the drip lines.
  • Valves and gauges: they control the flow of water to the different crop areas. Water meter gauges measure the amount of water used and the flow of water in the irrigation system.
  • Chemical injectors: they allow chemigation or delivery of fertilizers and pesticides to the plants, as well as anti-clogging agents.
  • System controllers.

3 . Characteristics of drip irrigation

Drip irrigation systems have the following characteristics:

  • Lower volume of water used in comparison with sprinkler irrigation.
  • Lower energy costs of pumping.
  • High levels of water use efficiency.
  • Lower manpower and operation costs and extensive automation.
  • Better weed control.
  • Efficient fertilizer application through the drip system.
  • Water filtration is sometimes necessary to prevent clogging the small holes of drip nozzles.

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