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The Fortnightly “Goings On”!! (Did I Say That?) At Water Consultants H2O Building Services


H2o Building Services Fortnightly Update 5.9

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Graham Mann
I have been in the Water & Waste Water industry for 30 years and formed a Water Consultancy business called H2o Building Services both myself and my team have built a wealth of knowledge and expertise Saving companies money on their Water bi
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I felt it would be really interesting to our viewers if I produced a series of Fortnightly updates where I update and report on some of the good work our Water Auditors and Water Bill Validation teams produce here at H2O Building Services.

Some of the monetary savings and refund figures that I report can be quite staggering.

In terms of Water Bill incorrect charges that have been identified is also quite staggering and we are now up to nearly £1 million in 9 months!

In this report I will also be detailing results achieved on our Water Leak Detection and water leak repair projects savings both in monetary value and water consumption value which in this period was over 25,000 cubic metres or £5 million gallons, which is enough water to sustain 166 families for 1 year leaking back into the ground!

I hope you enjoy the video report, if you have any specific topics or questions for me to include in future video reports I would be delighted to include them.

You can catch me on 08456580948

Or email me at graham.mann@h2obuildingservices.co.uk

Thank you for watching.