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Podcast with Graham Mann with special guest Tim Guest, SwitchWaterSupplier Director & Co Founder


Podcast With Graham Mann With Special Guest Tim Guest Director & Co Founder Of SwitchWaterSupplier.Com

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Graham Mann
I have been in the Water & Waste Water industry for 30 years and formed a Water Consultancy business called H2o Building Services both myself and my team have built a wealth of knowledge and expertise Saving companies money on their Water bi
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The first podcast with Graham Mann of 2020 kicks off with a closer look at the UK’s first and only water retail industry innovation switchwatersupplier.com which is not to be mistaken as a price comparison site.

Switchwatersupplier.com is a journey for switching water supplier, billing data correction and water and waste water savings.

This bold venture is aimed at bringing customers and water retailers together, providing a high quality totally independent and impartial nationwide service, with a strong environmental message about reducing water consumption and waste water volume discharge.

This is good for business and good for the environment.

Developed, serviced and supported by water industry and IT experts, customers will have the ability to request support and expertise on all levels of water, waste water and trade effluent issues.

Switchwatersupplier.com issued a press release entitled Two Yorkshire Entrepreneurs are about to make a “Big Splash” in the £3 Billion deregulated water retail market withSwitchwatersupplier.com

The company report some well known businesses waiting to use the procurement platform.

This Podcast answers many questions which many people have been asking and will give you an insight into the features and the development of the platform pror to launch March 1st 2020.