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KPIs to evaluate communication efficiency in the water sector

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Ignasi Servià Goixart
@iservia is Ignasi Servià, agronomist who has participated in important Irrigation / Rural Development projects. My experience in GIS has allowed me to help an Agricultural Services company in Precision Agriculture issues during the last 2 years
  • KPIs to evaluate communication efficiency in the water sector

This week we have left the year 2019 behind, and we begin the year 2020.

At the end of 2019, Alejandro Maceira shared the increase of readers by countries of the iAgua platform in 2019. I have already congratulated the iAgua / SWM team on Twitter for its great growth, but I also wanted to recall this milestone when talking about efficiency in the communication of the water sector In Spain, the number of users who have visited the website has increased by 23%, but in countries such as Mexico, Peru and Argentina it has increased by 84%, 59% and 67%. This has meant an overall increase of 52%, reaching almost 5 million users. I wanted to highlight these 3 Latin American countries because last year Alejandro visited Mexico, Miguel Angel Monge visited Peru and I visited Argentina. These professional visits by water experts to Latin America have certainly helped this growth.

Fig. 1. Increase of users who visited the iAgua website during 2019, by country.

We are also starting the year 2020, and it is time to plan communication strategies throughout the year, for companies and professionals.

The effectiveness can be defined as the level of achievement of goals and objectives. Efficiency refers to our ability to achieve what we propose.

Efficiency is not only achieving the goals, it is the relationship between the resources used in a project and the achievements. It is understood that efficiency occurs when fewer resources are used to achieve more objectives. Currently, with the climatic emergency, it seems that we all have to be efficient, and get more production, with less resources.

We talk about efficiency in the use of water, in the production of energy, in motors, in household appliances, in the use of phytosanitary treatments in agriculture. But do we analyze what our communication efficiency is?

Communicating is an activity of our companies / entities, and also on a personal level, which is not free. There is a consumption of personal, technological and time resources. For this reason, when communicating we must be efficient.

Whether it is done with own personnel, as if some part of the communication is outsourced, both activity and efficiency must be monitored. In the iagua magazine number 22, it was commented that in the water sector, there are more and more contracts based on the performance offered by companies.

In order to improve a thing, it is a necessary condition to measure it. Companies, in strategic planning of their communication, must establish KPIs that they must follow throughout the year.

I propose to use activity indicators and especially influence indicators. A twitter account can make many tweets, but it may not generate impressions, gain followers or interact with them.

Companies are usually compared to other companies in the sector. And sometimes it is advisable to make this comparison with companies or people from other sectors.

In the following figure I present the metric on Twitter and the influence of the main companies in the agro-industry sector. Analyzing the communication of these companies we could say that they are drops of water, they have the same order of magnitude in tweets, followers and outreach.

I like to analyze the Kred because it values ​​how influential your communication is. As I have explained other times, this index is exponential, so although a kred influence of 650 and 750 may be similar, it is not so.

To reach 750 points of influence, 6 times more points of influence have been accumulated than to reach 650 points. As can be seen in the table, the relationship between followers and influence varies between different companies in the sector.

Fig. 2 Metrics on Twitter and Kred influence of companies in the Agro sector.

Some KPIs to use on Twitter:

  • Activity in the form of tweets or following.
  • Number of Followers, without forgetting the sector, geographic scope, number of Followers ...
  • Impressions and Reach (number of people who have seen your tweets).
  • Kred influence.

In the following figure I represent the daily evolution of the number of impressions and the number of people who have seen my tweets (reach). Both curves do not always have the same peaks

Fig. 3. My daily evolution in the number of impressions and the reach (Socialelephants)

And you, what communications KPIs have you chosen for 2020?

Happy 2020!!!

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