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Water Biosense, real time monitoring of agents of interest in water

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Iván Iglesias Baena
CEO & CSO of Sensactive Technology

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  • Water Biosense, real time monitoring of agents of interest in water

Sensactive Technology is a Spanish biotech company that has developed Water Biosense, an innovative patented product for continuous, remote, real-time, in situ and programmable monitoring of agents of interest in water. It was developed during the COVID pandemic, as a solution to meet the need to monitor virus levels in wastewater.

During the pandemic, the need arose to develop a solution for coronavirus monitoring in wastewater that would not involve the use of diagnostic resources and could provide real-time data. After laboratory and proof-of-concept testing in a real-world environment, we validated our disruptive and unique technology, Water Biosense.

The solution is based on hydraulic components, electronics, IoT communication, software and biosensorics, with technology that confers sensitivity and specificity, and the ability to detect quantitatively biological agents of interest.

Water Biosense is marketed for the monitoring of bacteria such as E. coli or Legionella in treated, stored or recreational water. Sensactive is committed to the research and development of applications of this technology, such as epidemiological surveillance in water for public health of microbiological, infectious agents and biomarkers.

Water monitoring has enormous value for early decision making in relation to health or environmental issues. In a wide market comprising multiple sectors, it has a very high potential at the international level as a disruptive technology to safeguard the quality and sustainability of water resources, and is a crucial element for the reclamation of wastewater.

Real-time water quality monitoring allows prevention of water-borne diseases and having information to protect natural resources

Water Biosense allows early detection and monitoring of both microbiological agents (viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, etc.) and other protein agents (biomarkers), and even contaminants of interest in water, such as drugs (antibiotics, etc.), pesticides, or other agents of interest.

Wastewater is a crucial source of information, and the quality of drinking water in general is essential to prevent up to 80% of outbreaks of infection in the population. Monitoring microbiological agents can lead to a significant reduction in the number of infections.

Science and technology are very important in developing solutions such as Water Biosense, that allow real-time water quality monitoring to prevent water-borne infectious diseases and to have the information needed to protect natural resources. Furthermore, technological solutions that complement water quality analyses required by regulations in programmes for the promotion of water reclamation and reuse are crucial to achieving sustainability objectives.

We currently have a mainly national market, with equipment installed in hospitals, as well as in food and agriculture industries and water management utilities. Internationally, there are many open opportunities. We are focused on covering commercial needs and scaling equipment production at the European level, with the objective of meeting our exponential growth objectives.

The next steps will be the growth and expansion of the company, with a unique service and solution at the international level. Our technology and excellence provide solutions of great social and environmental impact, contributing to job creation, public health and the improvement of water resources management and quality.

Sensactive Technology is a company committed to and aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, innovation and science: an innovative company providing value solutions in the industry, applying sensorics and artificial intelligence. Technological solutions that facilitate the safety and quality of water, without the need for manual sampling, transport to the laboratory and analysis with late results, are essential for social progress, and we make them accessible anywhere on the planet.

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