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Boosting the global economy preserving water and the climate

  • Boosting the global economy preserving water and the climate

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kalilou Dama
Kalilou Dama is a Venture Capitalist, Strategic Advisor and Lawyer. He is also an influential Finance Advisor as well as Business and Economics Researcher. He worked ten years in Attoney office before contracting with Mali Government as Advisor in Y

The current health crisis has clearly shaken the global economy. It has, however, had side effects in terms of, in particular, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and water polution. In a few weeks, the end of the health crisis will open up the prospect of governments reviving economic activity. The whole of the second half of 2020 will be marked by the deployment of resources linked to innovative strategies to boost productivity.

Each actor must take initiatives to support the efforts of governments around the world.

This is why, in addition to our popularization actions (in progress) of preventive health practices, YES Inc MALI, while intensifying the 'bitikini Tele-incubation system', has set up a Small Business Rescue Fund with the purpose to support Startups from the 27 incubated nationalities who would be affected by this crisis. In addition, Entrepreneurs (High Impact Innovators) around the YES Inc MALI twelve Business research clusters have started to reflect on the following crucial as relevant issue: How to revive the economy, after the health crisis, while preserving the environmental gains linked to the said crisis?


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