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kalilou Dama
Kalilou Dama is a Venture Capitalist, Strategic Advisor and Lawyer. He is also an influential Finance Advisor as well as Business and Economics Researcher. He worked ten years in Attoney office before contracting with Mali Government as Advisor in Y


On Monday, March 26, 2018 took place at the headquarters of YES Inc MALI Water Day’s commemorative activities.

This offbeat celebration was marked by the holding of the 3rd session of the GREEN BUSINESS STARTUPS Climate Course (Part 2). The theme discussed was the exploitation of water.

The participants learned from talented Trainers to better understand the problematic and to sharpen their knowledge related to the various parameters of the hydraulic question taken in its different dimensions. After the general definitions, the participants were better imbued with the crucial aspects related to the exploitation of water as:

• Water sources

• The hydraulic reserve

• The issue of conservation

• Water and Hygiene, Health

• Shortage and Food Security

• Pollution and waste: their manifestation

Then a range of intervention opportunities (at all levels) to better optimize the use of water has been highlighted.

The relevance of the theme and its interaction with the theme of Earth Day 2018 Plastic Pollution has been established.

It was felt that the treatment of these themes should go beyond one-off activities and annual commemorations. Also, participants welcomed the Brazilia Declaration of March 21, 2018 on the Principles of Water Security.

Everyone's ownership of the Decade of Water, launched on March 22, 2018, has also been advocated through relevant and innovative initiatives such as the YES Inc. MALI initiative.

This decennial support initiative of the global water protection agenda has been officially launched on June 30, 2018 in Bamako thanks to the African Innovators' Parade called Hii-FESTIVAL.

Entrepreneurs save Water program aims to fostering sustainable livelihood securing aqua species and enhancing sanitation to decrease water related deceases in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Program will be showcased on June 12, 2020 at Marseille (FRANCE) during the upcoming World Conservation Congress.