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How does asset management software help the water industry?

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Lindsey Walker
Lindsey Walker is the marketing manager for NEXGEN, a Sacramento-based industry leader in designing advanced CMMS and EAM software tools for utilities, facilities, public works, manufacturing, and fleet industries.


  • How does asset management software help the water industry?
A simple water system includes important parts like meters, generators, pumps, monitoring systems, water mains, and valves. Some are underground, others above ground, and some might be easily forgotten. These components are located in different areas but work together to make the system function well. However, these connections make the system more complex. We refer to it as a network of complex systems, which, when monitored effectively, ensures the smooth operation of water utility systems.

Issues like operational failures, financial risks, and performance gaps can occur when assets are not managed properly. We've assisted many customers in the water utility sector by addressing these challenges. Our smart utility system, used by numerous engineers, facilitates comprehensive and automated asset management. This article will explore how this is achievable with the assistance of asset management software for water and wastewater utilities.

Why Does the Water Industry Need Asset Management?

Water utilities have changed a lot in recent years, with many countries updating their systems to meet long-term needs. Despite all the planning and work put into water distribution and water treatment services, the industry still faces many challenges.

Asset management in the water utility sector aims to make sure water systems last a long time and provide reliable service without costing too much. It helps managers decide when to fix, replace, or upgrade old assets and figure out how to pay for it all. New software makes managing assets easier and more organized.

Importance of Asset Management in Water Utilities

In the utility sector, dealing with technology changes has become more complicated. Water utilities now have to handle old systems, follow strict rules, and serve more people. To tackle these challenges, they need better ways to manage their assets.

Luckily, modern technology is stepping in to help. Here's how:

  • Real-time data collection: Sensors keep an eye on equipment and systems in real-time, giving important data. This helps prevent issues and make everything work better.

  • Automated report generation: Instead of spending time putting together reports, software can do it automatically. This saves time and lowers the chance of mistakes.

  • Mobile access for field teams: Workers in the field can use their mobile devices to get information and update data. This makes communication smoother and work more efficient.

In simple words, technology helps manage resources, solve problems quicker, and plan things better.

How Does Asset Management Software Help?

Using maintenance software for water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities can speed up the adoption and success of an asset management strategy. These systems help utilities achieve their asset management goals, including:

  • Planning and managing the entire lifecycle of assets

  • Organizing unique asset hierarchies

  • Integrating seamlessly with GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

  • Ensuring strict compliance with regulations

  • Assessing the condition of infrastructure

  • Scheduling inspections for predictive maintenance

  • Performing timely corrective maintenance and repairs

  • Managing risks effectively

  • Adhering to industry regulations

  • Creating and managing work orders and schedules

  • Integrating with external websites for utility systems

  • Developing and monitoring levels of service

  • Offering mobile CMMS features for user convenience

  • Forecasting funding and prioritizing capital investments

Future Trends and Innovations

1. Using AI and Machine Learning for Better Predictive Maintenance

Using AI and machine learning can make a big difference in predicting when equipment might break. These smart algorithms analyze lots of data quickly and predict potential issues with more accuracy. This means we can plan maintenance more efficiently, reducing downtime and costs.

2. Shifting to Cloud Solutions: Why Accessibility and Scalability Are Important

Cloud solutions give us the ability to adjust the size of our operations based on what we need. This is especially useful for utilities that experience changes in demand.

3. The Environmental Push: How Taking Care of Equipment Helps the Planet

Keeping track of equipment can help companies be more environmentally friendly by:

  • Checking carbon footprint: Keeping track of how much carbon different equipment and operations produce.

  • Monitoring water quality: Keeping an eye on the quality of water in real-time.

  • Analyzing energy use: Looking at how much energy different equipment uses and finding ways to use less.

  • Cutting Waste and Saving Water: Reducing waste and water loss, is another way utilities can contribute to sustainability.

By paying attention to these things, companies can start doing things that help the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How does software for managing assets help water companies follow regulations?

Asset management software assists water utilities in keeping track of regulatory requirements, ensuring they meet environmental standards and avoid penalties.

2. Can asset management software stop expensive infrastructure problems?

Absolutely! Asset management software helps in spotting possible issues early on, so maintenance can be done before things get worse. This saves money by avoiding big repairs and keeping things running smoothly.

3. What's the deal with predictive maintenance in asset management software?

Predictive maintenance uses smart technology to predict when things might break down. This means organizations can fix things before they cause big problems, keeping everything running smoothly and avoiding costly downtime.

4. Are there any worries about security with asset management software?

Yes, there are some concerns. Things like keeping data private, protecting against cyber threats, and preventing unauthorized access are important. Organizations need strong security measures to keep sensitive information safe.

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