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A visual fjords cruise

  • visual fjords cruise
    Lysefjord, Norway

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We've all heard of fjords. And although they exist in many parts of the world, the Norwegian fjords are the most famous.

But... what exactly is a fjord (also written fiord)?

Ersfjord Fjord, also called "Devil's Teeth", in Norway.

The word "fjord" comes from old Norse and meant a lake that could be used to navigate.

A true fiord is created by a glacier which cuts into a valley in a U-shape. This is why fjords are found in regions with high latitude that were formerly covered by glaciers, such as the coasts of Norway, Greenland, Scotland, New Zealand, Canada, Antarctica or Alaska.

The Sognefjord, in Norway.

Fjords are extremely profound and some are even deeper than the adjacent sea. ​Some of the deepest are the Messier  Channel in Chile, 1,358 m deep, the Sognefjord in Norway (also called the King of the Fjords), 1308 m deep, or the Scoresby Sund in Greenland, which reaches 1500 m deep and is currently the largest fjord in the world.

Although the best time to visit them is in summer, in winter they acquire all their splendour. Do you dare to visit these landscapes?