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Empowering water efficiency: WEG's Motion Drives in large-scale water treatment projects

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The water sector faces enduring challenges in pursuing efficient and sustainable solutions. In response, WEG's Motion Drives emerges as an innovative solution, incorporating frequency drives, motors and gears to revolutionize large-scale water treatment processes.

In a world increasingly attuned to water conservation, water treatment, and distribution efficiency takes centre stage. WEG's Motion Drives, a comprehensive solution blending frequency drives, motors, and gears, stands at the forefront by directly addressing the unique challenges of ambitious water projects and their energy efficiency.

Introduction to WEG's Motion Drives in the water sector

In the realm of water solutions, WEG stands as a company of excellence, shaping products and solutions that seamlessly blend efficiency, reliability, and advanced technology. Our commitment extends beyond autonomous operations; our products ensure high performance and offer effortless interchangeability across various water treatment machines and equipment.

WEG proudly presents the fully integrated and flexible WEG Motion Drives solution for enterprises seeking absolute control over their water treatment processes, regardless of the machine's design. Tailored to maximize the performance of water treatment machinery, these solutions embody our dedication to driving efficiency in the water sector.

WEG's Motion Drives solution is distinguished by a range of exceptional features that position it as a valuable choice for the water sector:

Union of innovative products: At the heart of WEG's Motion Drives lies the fusion of three groundbreaking products into one integrated package. This synergy creates a seamless and powerful solution tailored to the unique demands of water treatment facilities.

Verticalization for comprehensive water process control: WEG's commitment to providing comprehensive control extends to the water sector, ensuring verticalization in motion drives. This guarantees precise and efficient management of the water treatment processes.

Diversification with a comprehensive portfolio: With a diverse product portfolio, motion drives cater to the multifaceted needs of water treatment. This diversification ensures adaptability to various water treatment applications, underscoring our commitment to the water sector.

WEG’s Motion Drives solution provides absolute control over their water treatment processes, regardless of the machine's design

Fast configuration and high compatibility for water operations: Motion Drives facilitate swift configuration and high compatibility, streamlining the integration process for optimal performance with a single solution.

Flexibility for customization in water solutions: The embedded flexibility in motion drives allows for competitiveness in the water sector, accommodating the production of small batches of highly customized products. This adaptability is a critical strength in meeting the dynamic demands of water facilities.

WEG's Motion Drives blends three groundbreaking products into an integrated package tailored to the demands of water treatment facilities

Water treatment optimization: Modernizing sewage treatment stations aims to improve energy efficiency, optimize energy consumption per volume of pumped material, and increase the availability and reliability of the pumping system. To achieve these goals, modern engineering practices are adopted, such as using high-efficiency electric motors, applying frequency inverters to optimize pumping, and integrating system automation with monitoring and control networks. These measures significantly contribute to sustainability, environmental preservation, social responsibility, and the promotion of access to quality sanitation services for more people.

Innovation: With an impressive 59.3% of revenues generated from products launched in the last five years, Motion Drives encapsulates WEG's commitment to innovation. This forward-looking approach ensures that our solutions remain at the forefront of technological advancement.

Robust technical support: WEG guarantees the efficiency of water treatment processes. Our commitment extends beyond delivering a product; we contribute to increased operational gains by ensuring that water treatment systems operate at their optimum level.

Motion Drives is an integrated package that perfectly aligns with WEG's slogan, "Driving Efficiency and Sustainability.” It embodies our dedication to exceeding the expectations of industry facilities by providing solutions that contribute to efficiency, sustainability, and operational excellence.

Case studies with WEG Motion Drives in the water sector

Rabigh 3 Water Desalination Plant, Saudi Arabia

WEG's Motion Drives play a crucial role in the Rabigh 3 desalination plant, ensuring an efficient supply of desalinated water on a large scale.

Counting on the technical expertise of dealing with large engineering companies, WEG took part in this impressive project as a supplier of motors and frequency drives for the main processes of the water production chain, ranging from capture, pre-treatment, reverse osmosis process to post-treatment.

WEG´s products package included 69 electric motors and 50 medium voltage frequency drives supplied through a consortium of companies formed by Abengoa, SIDEM, and SEPCO III for the plant's engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning.

Desalination demands precision and reliability: Motion Drives, a solution beyond conventional approaches, meet and exceed these demands

Rabigh 3 was built on the Red Sea's western coast with a production capacity of 600,000 m3 of water per day and supplied water to approximately three million people. Unique to its kind, Rabigh 3 is considered the world's most environmentally friendly desalination plant due to the lowest electricity consumption during day-to-day operations and has recorded the lowest noise rate.

Desalination, a critical process in water-scarce regions, demands precision and reliability. Motion Drives meet and exceed these demands, offering a solution beyond conventional approaches.

Canoas Lift Pumping Station, Colombia

At the Canoas pumping station in Colombia, Motion Drives technology optimizes the system's operation, improving the efficiency and reliability of the water supply.

Motion Drives bring innovation to pumping stations, optimizing energy consumption and extending the operational life of critical equipment

WEG was selected as the provider of a large package of electrical solutions for an important initiative to decontaminate the waters of the Bogotá River in Colombia. One of the significant challenges of this project was to guarantee the safe distribution of energy to the electrical systems and motors. For this, WEG supplied a complete 115 kV substation that includes two 30 MVA/115/13.2 kV transformers, adding more efficiency and reliability to the plant. In addition to low voltage load centres, 17 medium voltage switchgears were also supplied.

For this project, WEG supplied six three-phase induction motors and six medium voltage variable frequency drives. Each 4,300 kW motor, vertically mounted, was coupled to its respective pump and was responsible for pumping 6.4 cubic metres of wastewater per second to 51.6 metres height from the well, one of the most critical processes in the plant. This demonstrated the company's ability to develop integrated solutions for the most diverse applications.

Pumping stations, such as the Canoas Lift Pumping Station in Colombia, represent crucial components of water distribution networks. Motion Drives bring innovation to these stations, optimizing energy consumption and extending the operational life of critical equipment.

Cucutá Metropolitan Aqueduct Expansion Project, Colombia

WEG's Motion Drives contribute to the expansion of the Cucutá Metropolitan Aqueduct, a critical project in Colombia. This underscores the adaptability and reliability of Motion Drives in diverse water infrastructure initiatives.

Confirming its experience in solutions with medium voltage equipment for the water sector, WEG supplied three 1,575 HP, 6.6 kV W60 medium voltage motors and three medium voltage panels with variable frequency drives from the MVW3000 line that will play an essential role in the actuation of the aqueduct pumping unit, contributing to increasing the water flow that supplies the region.

In addition to guaranteeing the supply of drinking water in the region, WEG solutions represented a return on investment and safety in operation for the customer since the W60 line was designed to meet the most rigorous efficiency and reliability criteria.

Sebokeng Waste Water Treatment Plant, South Africa

In the heart of South Africa, the Sebokeng wastewater treatment plant stands as a testament to the transformative impact of Motion Drives. The supply of electric motors from WEG has revolutionized the plant's operations, enhancing its capacity to treat large volumes of wastewater efficiently.

The scope of supply included several low voltage W22 electric motor solutions ranging between 3 kW and 280 kW, suitable for applications all over the entire wastewater treatment plant.

WEG motors were installed in all major processes, from screening, sand removal, primary sedimentation, reactors, fermentation of raw sludge, final clarification, and waste sludge thickening up to dewatering.

WEG's Motion Drives solution is an advanced technological response and a significant step towards sustainability and efficiency

WEG's Motion Drives solution is an advanced technological response and a significant step towards sustainability and efficiency in the water sector. These solutions demonstrate their ability to tackle contemporary water challenges by powering desalination and wastewater treatment projects, contributing to sustainable access to clean water worldwide.

In an era where water scarcity and clean energies are a growing concern, WEG emerges as a provider of cutting-edge solutions and a strategic partner, accompanying stakeholders from the initial design phase to implementation. By consistently delivering innovation, reliability, and adaptability, WEG ensures that every drop counts, reinforcing its role as a trusted partner dedicated to shaping a future where water resources and efficiency are managed with utmost foresight.