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Year in Infrastructure 2019 (Day 3): Smart cities for a smart life

  • Year in Infrastructure 2019 (Day 3): Smart cities for smart life

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This is already the third day of Bentley Systems' Year in Infrastructure Conference. Still daydreaming of yesterday's welcome reception where we had some delicious Singaporean dishes, today we woke up for one of the event's highlights: the Corporate Keynote, by Greg Bentley, the company's CEO. In his presentation, he gave a company update and highlighted projects from the 2019 YII Awards nominees that exemplify huge advancements in areas such as BIM and Digital Twins.

Bentley emphasised the opportunity that the application of digital twins represents to achieve more efficient urban operations and a more connected and resilient infrastructure. As an example, he mentioned the possibilities that OpenFlows WaterOPS offers to water and waste water service operators. This solution can provide operations support in real time, plan smart responses, optimise system performance and generate business intelligence. It integrates Information Technology (GIS) with Operational Technology (telemetry, SCADA instrumentation, sensors) and Engineering Technology (hydraulic simulation).

Moreover, leading experts also took part in the session, such as Sadasivan Ayer, Vice President of Shell:

Paul Murphy, Technology and Technical Applications Leader at GHD:

And representatives from Shenzhen Highway Engineering Consultant Co., Ltd, the first organisation to implement Bentley's iTwin Services in China to build digital twins for road design and operations:

They all agreed that the application of digital twins is changing their business model and that, beyond the cost, this technology entails a great opportunity for their organisations.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a presentation by Dr Ayesha Khanna, Co-Founder and CEO of ADDO AI, an advisory firm and artificial intelligence incubator. Khanna spoke about the application of artificial intelligence in smart cities, specifically about her experience with the transformation of mobility in Singapore. The purpose of the transformation is to improve the life of people through the use of the huge amount of data currently generated in urban environments.

The day continues with the Industry Forums and summits on Infrastructure Asset Performance and Project Delivery. Tomorrow we have two highlights: Technology Keynote and the Year in Infrastructure 2019 Awards.

We will keep you informed. Greetings from Singapore.