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Understanding water

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Madhukar Swayambhu
Madhukar Swayambhu is a Water Hero of India, a TEDx speaker, an innovator, an ecologist, environmentalist associated with environmental restoration.
  • Understanding water

We all understand that the world is going through a global water crisis and everyone in his / her own capacity is trying to deal with it, because water is essential for life. We know that water is the very fundamental basic need for life, that’s why all the space agencies in quest to find life on other planets and moons are primarily searching for water there. Because the very basic hope for life starts from water. On our blue planet too, the first living cell was born in water and propagated to land and then to air.

There is a huge drinking water crisis across the globe and it is worsening day by day. It is envisaged that in coming years the situation will get even more grave. Though we know that from United Nations to governments to local bodies to corporations – everyone has been working towards conservation, restoration, extraction and what not, but if we look at the world in the last fifty years, has the situation improved or has it worsened? The fact of the matter is, in spite of all efforts being put by all the organisations and individuals – the situation is turning grimmer each day. More and more people, plants and animals are parched today. There’s a rapid desertification happening, that too in spite of the efforts to restore.

The BIG question is – WHY?

Are all our efforts failing? If no, then why is the situation worsening? If yes, there has to be something that is grossly wrong in our efforts across the globe.

From here, there could be two approaches forward –

a) Verify Processes – To understand our processes and efforts that we are taking for correcting the things and making water available across the globe for restoration of Water abundance.

b) Verify Approach – To understand the basic philosophy of the processes, because not one or two all are going wrong.

Let’s begin with the Processes first.

By and large, we can categorize our efforts in four major points, that are being repeatedly done across the globe toward restoration of water abundance, namely –

i) Rain Water Harvesting – collecting and dumping the water in the ground, so that it gets soaked in the ground and help enriching the underground aquifer.

ii) Plantation drives – planting more and more trees towards creating a greener planet.

iii) Restoration of Waterbodies - so as to make potable water available and last but not the least,

iv) Sewage Treatment Plants – so that sewage (which is 95% fresh water) could be reused reducing the extraction of more underground water.

Now, we all know that the situation is worsening. We’ll take each one of these separately in corresponding articles, but let’s begin by verifying with the basic core philosophy that define each of these processes. Let’s verify the approach first.

The approach is – that water is a substance that is made up of two atoms of Hydrogen (H) and a single atom of Oxygen (O2), so a single molecule of water is H2O and that’s a dead chemical like any other chemical compound, nothing else.

But if this approach is correct, there are many questions left unanswered and unexplained. Like, why is this single compound so important for life? Why can’t we make it in laboratories? Why is there so much of hue and cry about this single chemical compound? Why did life begin in water and not H2SO4 or NaCl or CaCO3, if any compound is the same as water?

And now some bigger questions defying our understanding further more:

1) All substance on Earth get condensed when frozen to sub-zero temperature and expand when heated, while water expands when frozen. That’s why ice is lighter and water and floats above instead of sinking.

2) All substance follow the laws of physics including gravity, while water has a force of its own working against gravity called buoyancy.

3) Unlike most of the substances, water exists in all three states as solid, liquid and gas.

And now coming on to some of the scientific discoveries on water, that would further amuse us on the properties of water that would defy the basic understanding of water being a dead substance. There are many seekers and scientists who have done years of research and proven with the modern scientific methodology of hypothesis, research, theory, lab practical and evidences, to prove these amusing properties of water. Some of the major references include the following scientists;

· Viktor Schauberger – was an Austrian forest caretaker, naturalist, para-scientist, philosopher, inventor and biomimicry experimenter. He was the first one to prove that water has a moving pattern and it doesn’t just flows or falls, but moves in a spiral way. Like each living being moves in specific manner, so does water.

· Masaru Emoto – a Japanese author and entrepreneur who conducted his famous water crystal experiment and said that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. Water reacts to the environment, water can listen.

· Jacques Benveniste – was a French immunologist, who conducted his “Water Memory experiment” and wrote a paper about it that was much criticized and politicized by the Nature magazine and the scientific community worldwide, to prove that water has a memory.

· Dr. Luc Antoine Montagnier – is a French virologist and joint recipient with Françoise Barré-Sinoussi and Harald zur Hausen of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). He picked up the baton from where Benveniste had left it, and as he already knew the response of the scientific community and the science journals, he did the entire experiment on camera. And proved that water can listen, water can memorise and water can recreate life.

These logical questions, real life examples and scientific discoveries simply lead us to the very basic Vedic Science based understanding of water, that

Water is Alive. Water is Living.

And this is why all efforts have failed because our basic approach of understanding water has been wrong. There has always been a difference in treatment of a dead substance and a living being.

We can mend our approach towards water to restore the water abundance, because until now, not even a single drop of water has left the planet. Whatever amount of water was here a millennia back, is still there, we just need to find it and we have to use the Vedic Way.

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