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Pamukkale, the impressive Turkish thermal springs "cotton castle"

  • Pamukkale, the impressive Turkish thermal springs "cotton castle"

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One of the greatest tourist attractions in Turkey is found in the country's southwest: the Pamukkale ("cotton castle" in Turskish) thermal springs in the province of Denizli.

This wonder of nature, located in the River Menderes valley, was formed as tectonic movements took place on an important fault line. Tectonic movements gave rise to the emergence of hot springs with a high mineral content, specifically chalk, a white sedimentary rock that gives its characteristic colour to the area when it precipitates.

The Romans already used these waters. In fact, a city was built in the highest part: Hierapolis, dating from around 180 B.C. 

Before it was declared a World Heritage Site, Pamukkale was neglected during the last decades of the 20th century, when hotels were built that destroyed some of the ruins of Hierapolis.

Fortunately, a plan to restore the natural terraces and pools was put in place, and thanks to it we can now enjoy this unparalleled geological formation.